Monday , April 12 2021

Japanese ambassador was warned because of the debt, the VN says "money is available, just waiting QH browser"

Answering the question of why it happened, Ambassador of Japan to send a warning letter to stop the subway construction site Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien, because the status of a "late payment", the leader of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) anonymously confirmed on Sunday 27 / the Zing 11, the number of "already exists" projects, but because Congress has not passed should not be money.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Japan in B & # 39; etname Umeda Kunio sent a letter to the prime minister & # 39; er minister & # 39; etnama, party secretary of Ho Chi Minh and leaders of the industry, said the city was "slow payment" for contractors and home consultants will be more than $ 100 million (as of 16/11). This rail route is carried Japanese ODA since 2007.

Tuoi Tre criticized mail Japanese Ambassador said that the project was rated as "very important" is not in the & # 39; etnam government budgetary allocations since last October due to delays in the decision on approval of the adjustment of investment.

It is reported that Metro Line No. 1 Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien in the & # 39; etnam premiership & # 39; er through 2006 After this, in the & # 39; etnam signed a Japanese ODA loan for this project in 2007, with a total of & # 39 volume of 17,000 billion investment initially.

However, by 2009 the level of investment has been listed and the "team captain" is almost 3 times to 47.000 billion. In particular, Japan's ODA loans to nearly 42,000 billion (88.4%) and the rest of the & # 39 is an analog Fund Ho Chi Minh City. This setting also makes the project to support the 6 years, until 2012 was officially started again.

Manager, HCM City Urban Railway, Le Nguyen Minh Quang, in the & # 39; etnam Moi quoted said the construction schedule in 2017, 5.400 billion required for the project. However, on the & # 39; the amount of ODA that the central government was only 2.100 billion on 2017/04/28 and the payment date is accelerated as a result of the slow progress.

According to the leaders of this "Japan put the problem very serious & # 39; ozna and strictly. What they are sufficiently prepared, but we did not handle the allocation of funds for the project "In the & # 39; etnam remains under Moi.

Meanwhile, the HCM City said the metro line number 1 must have a capital of 28.000 billion, but only MPI has organized 7,500 billion, resulting in a deficit of 20.500 billion. City promotion at the end of 3.273 trillion in 2016 so far, but still not enough to pay.

Answer the Zing, leader of anonymity MPI said that because of the critical nature of the project and the amount of adjusted capital is very large, the Minister of Transport, the unit responsible for the QH, the Politburo should consult prior to submission to the National Assembly.

He also claimed that "we calculated" and "prepared for the project", "just wait for Congress passed it."

In a letter to the leaders in the & # 39; etnama Ambassador Kunio said "pressure on contractors has reached the limit," and warned "if the end of December that this problem is not resolved, the project will have to stop the construction."

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