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«La Xuan Thang Version» will be punished very severely | In the & # 39; etnam football


I would like to repeat, in the majority of the 1st half of the match, said the afternoon of 30.3, with a Kang & # 39 is the best team to create a lot of unpleasant shade more dangerous, and the hosts were also nice counterattacks, but sometimes the parties fail to & # 39 is a public purpose. But 39 minutes away tho network trembled and author target back midfielder was captain Nguyen Van Quan Tho.

[VIDEO] Suspicious PLAYERS & # 39; S Tho card

Military own goal caused alarm teammates on the field, as well as spectators and TV viewers. By "strange" to them. Once a player foul Binh Phuoc, Can Tho was awarded the home side a free kick. Instead of taking to the creation of situations leading to his team, Van Quan turned sharply to a photo yard. Be at a great distance, but because of the strong shot flew into the net goalkeeper Minh Nhut ball.

As reported, in the report sent to the VPF, match monitoring proposed to consider the attitude of players to play Van Quan.

Tran Anh He – President and CEO of VPF said: "This is disgusting behavior unsportsmanlike greatly affects the image of the player and the club. But in a broader sense, affecting the image of football in the & # 39; etnama. In this context, the fans in a row received the good news from the team's success in the & # 39; etnam U.23, U.19 In the & # 39; etnamskay selected team, Wang Quan shadows really upset, making fun of football in the & # 39; etnama will not be complete.

This incident was reported by a constant in the & # 39; etnamskay Football Federation (VFF). Full video and game monitoring reports have been moved to the Disciplinary Board of VFF. Our opinion is desirable WFF fairly strict treatment unacceptable behavior Van Quan and other forms of treatment required for other persons involved (if any). Only the strict new measures to persuade and expensive lesson for the offender, as well as other players, other clubs.

We also suggest the need to thoroughly understand the club, than for each team member, you must strictly comply with the regulation of professional football charter solutions. Game abusive behavior on the & # 39 is one of the negative with the & # 39; ads in football should be ruled out. "

Vice President WFF, which is responsible for the professional Tran Tuan Cook, WFF Le Hoai Ani General Secretary have a hotline with the President of WFF Vu Xuan Thanh discipline, to express frustration about the behavior of Van Quan.

Share with Thanh Nien, Mr. Tan said, "We collect all the material, text, video tapes related to the game and will review the work in 1.4 days. Revised discipline policy VFF have a full frame due punishment for such cases have occurred. The Disciplinary Committee will strictly apply, Sun sloppy. "


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