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Leave your car on the bridge SH, young people texted my dad and suicide


Sunday, 3/31/2019 19:36 PM (GMT + 7)

After texting tattoos, young people left the car on the bridge and then jump into the SH Ben Tui bridge suicide.

Leave your car at the SH bridge, young people texted my dad and suicide - 1

After texting tattoo, young people had to jump into the river to commit suicide

31/3 days, information from Nghi Phu commune government Vinte city Ng, said a local resident who had just diving death of Ben Thuy.

According to preliminary data, the victim was identified as he N.V.Q. (29 years old, resident of Nghi Phu, Vinh city, Nghe An).

Earlier, about 10 o'clock in the morning the next day 31/3, people traveling to detect a vehicle to overcome Ben Thuy SH 1 (paragraph in Xuan An, Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh). Suicide suspected people have notified the functional strength.

Immediately after that, many people have posted photos of SH car to social networks to find its owner. A moment later, his home district received information and on the stage.

His comments were jumping suicide Q. If people with functional institutions at home jointly organized a search. Approaching 12pm on the same day, his body was found the path Q. location diving than 100 meters.

According to the victim, before the incident, his father V. received a message sent to his phone number with the contents Q. «Dad, I'm dying.» Q. Immediately after this statement, but the car has a recall was not related to Q ..

Currently, the cause of the incident by the investigating authorities and explanations.

Specifying diving die, the boys rush into the river

11th grade male student on his way across the bridge to learn about diving to ask you "must die" before you jump into the river.

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