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"Looking forward to my child the opportunity to correct"


Involving girls were classmates stripped, beaten council in Hung Yen, on 31/3 we have a local presence in this to find out more. La Mat small village (Phu Ung Commune, An Thi District, Hung Yen Province) from the day to watch the video with hard & # 39 are for each coil, urgently.

Find house Woman Northern Territory DT, who was the leader of the incident, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tan (49, announced T.) said that his daughter was so scared to leave the house in the morning has not yet been heard.

The girl's father beat up a classmate advice: Looking forward for the opportunity to correct - Photo 1.

Dad tells the girls TD Reporter.

According to Mr. Tan, his wife to Cao Bang as the new economy, as the daughter of 6 years, at home with his grandmother.

Tang said he was misdeeds daughter after getting her phone Hoa Thi Trang (head teacher) notices.

Listen to the news, he Tang was removed and the countryside right day 24/3 to find a solution, as well as to meet the victims and family visits, sorry.

"Things happen makes me very tired. From a week now, I have an appetite, restless sleep, have today the whole night because your child makes mistakes. When asked about the incident daughter, T. said that by the time you're working on a review should also be involved in the cycle T. follow, but before you ever hit someone.

After this incident, also apologized T. girlfriend in front of all the people in this area tend to be forgiveness. People have children who also want their child is well, but this time I did not hear, father, mother heard the child suffered.

If I know the work and watch the video, I was very urgent, pressing for the family & # 39; and victims, I, I do not love you, that I cover "He Tan shared.

The man said, after solve this incident will stay at home to care for the child, no longer running away.

"I love my children, I hurt the victims of the first 10, because in this situation my nephew entirely forgivable. But I still want to grandchildren society to continue to go to school to learn to be good.

I also acknowledge the mistakes of their parents are not teaching children one place to another, as a living, so how to make money, but to their children at home with his grandmother, old, and not with me on the physiological and psychological human being instead of change.

Now the children were small, I'm afraid no more children are not the way to class anymore. The desire for him to have a second chance "He said Tan.

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