Man City, alert to Mourinho's rhythm


Man City, alert to Mourinho's rhythm
With the M.U rebellion in the second half of the last match, the memories of the Red Devils will return. Hatred is called "eating turtles", it is said that "courage". However, if Manchester City rivals Manchester United are ahead, as "first team killers" maybe M.U doesn't love enough to see the second half again. Recently, at "two tennis" which Manchester City devoted to Southamton (6-1) and Shakhtar (6-0), there were 6 goals in the first round. Overview of the Premier League, teacher Pep Guardiola has a +29 goal difference. How about United? Their number is +1.

The difference between heaven and earth is the affirmation that City will never let the enemies go. In particular, Man City is not as subjective as Juventus in the middle of this week. Because they have mastered subjective lessons before M.U in the second leg last season (losing 2-3 when leading 2-0). So, in short, the story of Manchester United against Manchester City, should not be a backwash, but must tie shoes, protect the goal, tighten Silva, Jesus, Aguero … And when the ball reaches the opportunity. Still thinking that a City like Bournemouth is badly damaged.

But very sad, maybe Mourinho needed Manchester City to think so.

Mancini's 2-1 win over Juventus, and Mourinho's smile for Turin made the whole of Europe shake. Just like the centipede cutting off his legs is the other leg, Mourinho makes people feel he is not out of time. Even live well, live beautifully, and walk through storms. Even though it's sad, but in the end it can still be skipped and wrinkled teeth that live out there. Europeans see Mourinho passing like a frog hypnotized by a snake, as if seeing a familiar and strange disabled creature. Official warning appears. Although it was clear that the character was still seventh in the rankings, he was still struggling from top to top. This is the first rhythm Mourinho created.

The second is the rhythm of wading upstream. We can say the upstream matches from M.U are like before Newcastle, Bournemouth, Juventus this season or Manchester City were also victims of "United 2" last year. So when you deal with a team that specializes in backwaters, what do you do? You will be careful, the probe is the first. But most importantly, you form your mind on your head: calm down, slowly, hold the ball firmly, decide not to give it a chance. That was the second rhythm Mourinho created. And very likely, Mourinho only needs that.

Because there was Mourinho's victim not long ago, a man with the same ball control as City, but almost embraced before M.U. This is Chelsea's "Sarri ball". Just like today. M.U fluttered, miserable, met an exterminator, who was judged as a machine, knitted like a circus, and … everything was blue. As a result, a blue shirt surrounded by rhythms and interesting battles thrown Mourinho.

Be careful, Pep, because your opponents are people who describe five "anti-Johan Cruyff" – teachers from the control school.

KOOW and predicted results of City vs. M.U

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