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Mike Tyson biting ears and humiliate opponents: Word admitted surprise


Wednesday 2019/05/01 12:05 am (GMT + 7)

In the near future with the & # 39 will appear on television, Mike Tyson boxing monument told about his mistakes in the wheel.

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is one of boxing's most talented boxer boxing world, but also full of evil in the individual. In his speech on television in recent years, Tyson showed remorse for the times "underestimated the opponent" in the history of the car & # 39; EASURES full of drama and "up elephants, down dog" him.

Mike Tyson biting ears and humiliate opponents: Word openly surprised - 1

Phase Tyson biting the ear of the legendary

From ear bite Evander Holyfield in their rematch in 1997, a number of threatening words that trigger gas exports Lennox Lewis before the confrontation 5 years later, Tyson was extremely regrettable. Share on ITV program Britain Good morning, Tyson said: "Since I was a child 12 years of age, I was taught to hit people, humiliating them, making them is not recommended."

"But now I'm back, like a child filled with fear and insecurity. I do not know what I ever did. People say it's good that I do it well. So I became a guy like that. No self-esteem, and showed a lack of respect for the opponent. "

"Looking back now, I see that I was wrong. My whole life is a regret. These actions, words, ethics, especially if the opponent is in the ring. Humiliates his opponent to respect. I wish I did not, do not say such things to these people. "

Mike Tyson retired in 2005. Currently, it is often with & # 39; he was in a television show, and sometimes act. Childhood play, he was the youngest champion in history at the age of 20 Tyson than the first well at the same time has three WBA belt, the WBC and IBF in this weight.

Terrible: Bite opponents 4 times, Mike Tyson also appreciates the "game"

Mike Tyson will probably also terrified when the witness a frightening picture of the bite boxer.

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