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Modern fishing Court lie, because the more sails the coast, as the holes


This is what happens to the two owners of the steel shell fishing vessels are shipbuilding policy in accordance with the decree of the 67 of the last government.

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Although newer than 2 years, but the cost of a steel hull 2 ​​of the ship more than 10 billion has been located on the banks of the inefficient

Or & # 39 is the fishing season peak, but two ships steel hull Tran Xuan IP (Thach Bang) and Nguyen Van Long (Thach Kim) of Loc Ha, this is seen as a vehicle in the form of the largest, most modern napping in the region in the fish port fever (Thach Kim commune, Loc Ha).

Ship Coast dew, the sun for several months. In accordance with the fishing vessel owners, because they do not dare to sail in the sea more losses.

Mr. Nguyen Van Long (residence Thach Kim Commune, Loc Ha district) fishing vessel owner Achievement steel case 08 worth more than $ 13 billion were completed in 2017.

After launching, the ship sailed only a few flights and then lying shore. And not in 2018, until now, the ship is no longer a & # 39; is to set sail again.

The owner said the cost of the flight all but about 70 million of fish caught is sold only 30-50 million to train almost always lost.

According to learn from the past, when registered shipbuilding steel shell, his heart would be & # 39; is a C registration of fishing, drag boat he designed the corresponding registered job.

But when the ship and sailed, he understood her Trades Register ridiculous. This is considered the main reason for getting caught on the ship ineffective.

Soon, his heart is changed other fishing methods, but also to no avail, he reluctantly accepted a ship docked in the port during the last year.

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The ship almost 16 billion worth of positions he Students rusty

In addition, the ship steel shell with its 09 vessels Zhao Xuan Sinh Tran (residence Thach Bang, Loc Ha) in the amount of about $ 16 billion. His ship was also launched and put into operation in 2017. However, to date, the ship should stay on shore.

16000000000 Witness the ship almost dormant in the fishing port, the case marks a & # 39 are rusty, peeling paint peeling, spotted laments that many people.

According to the owner of the fishing vessel of water to narrow, fish, hire labor costs, high oil money should be a hole that a & # 39 is the main reason for creating the loss of fisheries.

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British Born boring side armor rusty ship for many months lying ashore

British Born said: "Now people are going a lot of work labor export the rest does not meet the requirements, but the skilled labor they require high public too. Low wages, they do not go, his high salary holes. 2018 drive past almost always lost. Located on the banks, must also have an interest, but if from the coast, the more holes than that. "

If Zhao shipbuilding 09, he was a credit bank Sinh than 14.9 billion, in line with its monthly obligations to pay interest in the amount of nearly 150 million a year to pay an extra 1 billion principal amount. However, due to loss of almost every month, so that you pay interest slowly.

Mr. Ha Minh Tan, Chairman Thach Kim said the greatest difficulty steel casing and media professionals of this ship. That's why not solve two problems must train his heart lies on both banks of the last year, after the trial runs far ineffective.

"In many from work, his heart with & # 39 is in addition to the transition work on fishing, drag gillnet fishing, the cost of a job change all bn, but not so in the future, this ship does not know how it will float back," said Mr. Tang.

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