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"No foreign life of the mother and the child is not there, where?"


sharing her Lam Truong Line last commune of Internet users can not help wondering, wondering.

Video: Baby Yen Lam carry toys into holes pierced.

Recently Yen Phuong – L Truong's wife just uploaded to your social networks in a row overall mood state, expressed concern about the living. She even said themselves are lost, as "fish stranded," makes people love surprises.

"Without foreign mother and a child's life will go, baby, do not you? She was lost, do not know how to protect themselves when the mother, as well as fish stranded " Ian said Phuong.

Singer Truong L couple the birthday.

Netizens surprise his wife recently, the share of Lam Truong in.

Immediately, some people who have given a word of comfort and encouragement to overcome difficulties, Yen Phương, negative emotions. Prior to that, she has also published a long line state of the difficulties of his experience in the home do not have enough hard shadow of her famous husband. Although the wife of the famous singer, but Yen Phuong in & # 39; etnam runners is life "milk mother nappy" nobody wants.

Accordingly, she was not one to take me about five days without grandparents, relatives close. A sick child all night pain should also protect the husband is busy touring around the world, every year the number of times a wife to her husband, children see their father only counted on the fingers.

Previously, the public also complains about the Yen Phuong, when child care alone.

Lam Truong busy with work, he rarely had time for his wife and children.

"Mother remembers the day to pick me up nearly 7 pm, to complete the cleaning of food, swimming and children also fall asleep mother always had a dip or personal hygiene. There are many jobs today, the first half of stomach aches mother feeding her child always prefers to sit in the womb, to be in love … She lay there dreaming silhouette just wants mom said there are three three my mother put the rice to the mother Dum human too the patient to get up!

The next day, I feel a cough runny nose, just hope that you do not rush. North did not dare to sleep, eyes open just a pity that instead of three shifts at the mother to take a nap. Mother afraid tomorrow morning childcare powerless long stay feared the company fired … Holy mother, birthday, anniversary or New Year's Day three will always give priority to the show " He Phuong sobbing recording.

Earlier, in late 2018, a pair of Lam Truong sticky divorce rumors by posting Yen Phuong continuous center line boring life. But the singer told his wife, who is sensitive so often think upset. The couple was very happy, never broke.

After an absence of Lam Truong compensated birthday present for you, your wife is as beautiful as a princess

L Truong's wife – he Phuong with & # 39 is a beautiful princess dressed in honor of the birth of his daughter at the age-Yen Lam.

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