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"Patients achievement made more serious & # 39; serious incident"


The participation of female students in grades 9 Secondary School Phu Ung (An Thi – Hung Yen) was 5 classmates stripped, beaten, Dang Khoa the Nam, director of children (Ministry of Labor War Invalids and Social Affairs) said, this incident shows the interest, knowledge and skills Council for protection of children, teachers and especially not enough classrooms.

According to the Nam, the information reflected in the General Radio 111 children, as well as reflected explicitly in the press in the new place, which happened a few times.

Service class 9 girls stripped, beaten achievement made more serious disease & # 39; serious incident - 1

Dang Khoa We were told that wicker achievement makes the problem of violence in schools is increasing.

"In a lot of cases, including through studies in a typical case, as well as statistical analysis, trend today & # 39 is a class due to illness achieve it if we find often want to keep to resolve internally, without the coordination with external devices, including centralized support to the victim & # 39 are children, as well as law enforcement agencies, so that they support measures to verify, investigate or take action. the impact you want to save, to allow internally, so when he found out it was too late to achieve the disease makes the problem of violence at school escalates, "- said Mr. Nam.

Returning to the case of students above the battered 9th grade, Mr. We were told, now the Department of ATS 111 adopted children connected to the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs Hung Yen proposed combination in the education sector for the protection of victims.

"The child was taken to the hospital treatment of Psychiatry Hung Yen. If the child for a period of "menopause" psychology may have to find an expert to therapy with & # 39 is the best way for the recovery of children. If better in Hung Yen has a good service, they will contact us for long-term treatment of children is not so ", – said Mr. us.

After this incident, Mr. us feedback, teachers' knowledge and skills, as well as the Management Board of Phu Ung high school in child protection is still weak.

In the long term, Mr. We were told that the method further development of the sector of education slowly realized that counseling and psychological path, it is an effective way to school to prevent and detect problems relationships between students and students, between students and teachers with other relations in the educational environment for precautionary measures, stop in the near future. At present, this work is more or less still very confused in the education sector.

Mr. We said, coming up, the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs is coordinating with the Ministry of Education and Training held a conference designed to refine the models of school violence prevention solution, the development of school psychology, school counseling.

Prior to that, as previously reported, on 22/3, I N.T.H.Y. (Born in 2004, high school grade 9 students Phu Ung, An Thi district – Hung Yen) was 5 class stripped, beaten and video in high school fu-un.

Grandchildren Yu proportion of children with the beating of group classmates were a few times and it was great time know. Y. own grandchildren if you were stripped, beaten in the school team, the class also received a disturbing message.

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