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In those days, Tang nation in early May 9.1969, close to the pain and loss, both as fellow soldiers throughout the country, he & # 39 is a great honor, it is the Air Force Army decided to stand guard inside the hoof of Uncle Ho. He also later in the funeral of President Ho Chi Minh on 1969/09/09, was the driver of the MiG-17 fleet, led by the lower edge on the Ba Dinh Square to see him. Now at age 83, he is still learning every day, and follow the moral example, the style of his uncle.

Pilot Ace, where the poor neighbors

From TP.Sa December (Dong Thap region) as QL80 along the river upstream Howe 12 kilometers in Lai Vung district (Dong Thap). Turn into the lane for about 4 km, then turn to the path of the smaller (4 quads available) about 2 km, I came to a simple house like any other house in a poor neighborhood called how Thanh Commune, Hoa Thanh, Lai Vung district. This small village has to have clean water for the people. Nevertheless, there were many former pilots holding the American side watched in the small village of this, including the supposedly best American pilots in the war, Lieutenant-General Steve Ritchie at AT & # 39; and Col. etname – Progress employees Marshall L.Michel, with more research on the war in the & # 39; etname. They came to meet with the pilot for «Ace» (using only the pilots of the downed aircraft up to 5) in the & # 39; etnamskay person they admire.

It was the legendary pilot Hero Nguyen Van Bay. His small house is located on a small canal, around the pond, chicken coop, all gardens. At the age of 83 years, he has seven thin still looks robust for some time. But most do not see anything in it from the "pilot", but instead the image Plain cane farmers 'real', high thin black pants, brown shirt worn shoulder, head wrap tightening bandanna, long beard without cutting …

On this ground, Mr. Seven was born and spent his childhood of poverty of life, illiteracy. In 17 years, due to parents who are forced to marry, so he ran away from home under the protection of one year after the ship to the north of the Geneva Agreement in Geneva. Or & # 39 are new to the class 3, he legitimized the "high school graduation" to a & # 39; to go abroad to learn how to manage a fighter and bring home the first MiG-17 for the Air Force in the Q & # 39;. Etname Then he along with the MiG-17 "archaic" (blatant disregard of US pilots), it became the horrors of American pilots each time to the North in the & # 39;. etnama He was a pilot in the first 3 heroes, has held many important positions of aircraft and the air Force, he was elected member of Parliament 2 courses, before retiring in 1990 as a colonel. on the back, where live pigs and sucking their oshniya year, he said on Saturday: "I am a farmer, growing homes lost water soluble, dear brother went to the country Full story immature, I returned to the field, at my birth.".

Picture of "safety" capture pilot Nguyen Van Bi has become a symbol of victory in the & # 39; etnama Air Force (photo right).
Picture of "safety" capture pilot Nguyen Van Bi has become a symbol of victory in the & # 39; etnama Air Force (photo right).

7 times Uncle Ho gave Badge

Seven He recalled our state gave the commitment to the preparation of class fighters pilots abroad, first in 1960. Requirements above, & # 39 is a necessity for the soldiers of the South to the North. He was selected for the high body, burly, good health. Less words, a complete curriculum of higher knowledge, because foreign teachers teach that it should be quite tedious Seven learn to keep up with you. However, having completed the course, he fairly flew most of the group, self-steering one of 12 MiG-17 of the first house.

The Mig-17 life driving straight bout than 2 years (1965 and 1967), it has 13 sorties, of which 1 was a US aircraft fired "ragged" left him 7 times the trigger and down 7 American plane. He still remembers the day, "the failure of the mother of success," 1965/10/07, when he and three teammates feet wet and dry combating herd welcomed US aircraft in Yen sky. MiG-17, he barely opened fire was shot down enemy missiles, unfortunately, it still controls Mig 82 is wound back to the land, to the surprise of his teammates and the Soviet specialists. Then he went several times to float welcomed US combat aircraft, although inaccessible, but also help you to have more combat experience valuable, especially if the Mig-17 deficiencies than F5, F8 … US about such things as speed, equipped with fire technical means …

It is dated 04.26.1966, when more than 20 aircraft entered the airspace of the American University with – Taiyuan to raid our warehouses. He was ordered to take eight MiG-17 from Noi Bai airport to intercept. Checking unexpected, daring him Saturday with the support of a team of the downed F-105 seat. More than two months, at 29.6, in the airspace in the & # 39; etnam the Tri, Mr. Seven falls into sorrow, as rivals chase, but was wise, brave to put the enemy in close combat and shooting kill 1 piece F8. More than two months later, on 1966/09/05, in the airspace of Nam Ha, he was down 1 pc F8 Saturday while teammate g-Vo Van Man also other down-F8. Just 10 days later, on 09.16.1966, he and three teammates Saturday against 16 US aircraft on airspace Chi Linh. Before the enemy had fled, he was able to write his name on July 1 F4 was shot down, along with 2 other F4 units also caught fire rounds from his teammates. In 1967, Mr. Bay and MiG-17 was added 3-fold lower "knockout" US planes much more sophisticated.

Remember the tragic day in September

1969/09/09 Light in holidays time, the most touching funeral Uncle X, Hanoi sky with & # 39 is a two Mig-21 side wings and the MiG-17 was flying low over the date squares Uncle Ba Dinh. African captain marginal 12 MiG-17 Hero Nguyen Van Bay. Previously, he was 2 days with seven teammates take turns standing vigil inside the hoof Uncle Ho hours. He recalled on Saturday afternoon at 3.9, while training, he and his allies believed the death of Uncle Ho.

Then he was ordered by the Air Force command to prepare the soup directly from the grave of Uncle Ho is required to control their emotions, do not be too emotional when on duty. He continues to be a memorable night 2 days in his life, when he came to the line to keep the human coffin itself. It should encourage the real courage to stand still, not emotion, and tears welled in my heart to the very painful loss. To then be changed after every change (duration about 30 minutes), or in the room, he and his teammates embraced tears. Return he was asked to prepare a single fleet goodbye 1969/09/09 day of mourning. Familiar only fighter now asked to Mig-12 aircraft commander 17 beautiful flying squad, the lowest and the slowest possible through Ba Dinh Square, the work is not easy. Especially fly farewell Uncle Ho eternity, if not clever emotional control, he may suddenly tear taboo for pilots while on duty.

In his life, he was lucky enough to meet Uncle Ho several times. He met for the first time two teammate Uncle Uncle awarded the badge after the hero to shoot down American planes. He then further 6 times was awarded the badge of Uncle Ho, sometimes directly handed his uncle, the leaders in the Army Air Force awarded. Several times my uncle visited the unit, it will be selected for the implementation reports from Uncle combat missions. Referring to this, his voice as the slack, his eyes moist: "At the end of 1967, after I shot down seven US aircraft, Uncle Ho instructed not for me (along with fellow Trophy team combat high game) continue directly welcomed war with US aircraft, who retired to make learning and management. I know my uncle was afraid that I would die, because when the war is going on in the sky to welcome, you can shoot down American planes, but perhaps I will sacrifice, the war. " Then he was elected a member of parliament, the National Assembly session for many, it is next to the report eysya work.

At the age of 83, when the moving distance of 50 kilometers (about 100 km) from the & # 39 are self riding a motorcycle purchased from the coffee museum of the subsidized period. So far, thanks to his new car. He had an illustrious youth, violent, is now over "ancient sacrifice future", he still lives a beautiful, healthy, pleasant life. Life is so sure that "word" as his manner of speaking.

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