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Police prevent chaos, collecting bags as a cat, sword


31/03 pm, police 113, police said Khanh Hoa province handed Duong Vu Truong (30 years), Nguyen Kim Ngoc Gospel (41) and Nguyen Quang Hai (23 years, the same place of residence Hanoi) to Nha Trang police continue to investigate and handle .

Police prevent chaos, collecting both the executioner bag, a sword - a photo 1.

Hot product of the & # 39; objects used police confiscation

Earlier, in the morning the same day, the police received information about the 2113 youth groups in the preparation of the field melee discos Yasaka (Loc Tho Ward). When he saw that the police arrived, a group of young people in the car fled, the rest of the group holding the weapon, but fierce resistance is controlled in the future.

At the scene police seized a bag with a machete, labels, Japanese swords. Sub & # 39; The property is ranked at that time in the game in discos Yasaka conflict. Then the two groups agreed to meet on the street, to solve the police arrive, monitor.


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