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Quang name Japanese school


Quang called school Japanese girls - photo 1.

Students perform in elementary school Multipurpose Junko – Photo: UNION STRENGTH

Located on the provincial road through the Dien Phuoc Commune, Dien Ban city (Quang Nam) has a school named for her daughter … Japan. Remove the image of the traditional school room.

Incomplete Dreamgirls JapanT

In the house next to the inter-district roads, Mr. Tran Cong Truong – Junko former elementary school – it's fun and grandson.

I recall the first days of construction Junko school teacher eyes filled with nostalgia.

School teachers are present at school, because it is also in the field.

"New Century, which was 1/4, and then" – Mr. Truong said.

She and her friend in 1993 Meiji Gakuin Junko Takahashi attended the third year, to make a trip a month in the & # 39; etname. They went through Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, just watching the scenery, just to learn the culture and the situation of the Japanese business investment.

Professor Junko leadership in college, two people, when they come back to Japan reported a trip to In & # 39; etname, to fully enjoy the wonderful scene, but felt so close, and especially to feel closer to the people and places they met.

At the same time, they also see in B & # 39; etname while too poor, many children wandering the streets instead of going to school. Junko hope to be able to contribute to the education sector in B & # 39; etname.

«Junko want to return to in the & # 39; etnam to help children the best learning environment of all these things, she wrote in her diary carries all the way through." – said Mr. Truong.

Returned to Japan, Junko concluded his essay. Professor Masahiko Ebashi, recipients Junko essay, said a short essay, which he valued her soul student.

«Junko wrote: I think that the need to create favorable conditions for you in B & # 39; etnam, as well as people from countries that are developing to be healthy and enjoy a comprehensive education, not only in the form of financial support but also the support from all sides. "

It is interesting that only in the & # 39; etnam in a short time, Junko wants to spend his youth in the field of education in B & # 39; etname.

Oddly enough, it is estimated cherished Japanese girl hung back 1993/12/09, when a traffic accident To claim his life.

Grandmother Horotaro Takahashi very painful to the sudden death of the child. In the remaining vestiges of Junko, he Horotaro diary of his daughter, and they decided to end the child's wishes.

Quang called school Japanese girls - photo 2.

Deleting photos Junko Junko in elementary school – Photo: UNION STRENGTH

Build schools in Quang

But why parents chose Junko Disna Phước rural poor – and the daughter was not in the countryside? Professor Tran Van Tho, Waseda University (Tokyo), was a cop on this choice.

According to Professor Tho after Junko lost her parents want to do the will of the daughters of construction of educational institutions in B & # 39; etname. They want compensation insurance, and the money they save on the wedding of the future Junko … in it.

Grandmother came to the table with Professor Masahiko ~ d Ebashi – Junko instructor – and they decided to help in the & # 39; etnamu build a primary school. GS Ebashi, but I do not know how to start.

"Capital with a & # 39; is a member of Professor Ebashi, I advise him and offer to act in contact with the competent authorities in B & # 39; etname On a trip back home, and then I went to see Mr. Nguyen Dinh An. – Vice Chairman of Quang – Danang – and proposed projects concerned provinces to select a village in Quang Nam to build a primary school ", – said Professor Tho.

Then Professor Tho presented by Professor Masahiko Ebashi with his brother, Professor Tran Van Nam (former director of the Danang University). Two people were with her grandfather Takahashi study and site selection.

With the traditional "Five without liturgical J" school land Den Ban Dien Phuoc was unanimously elected party.

Dien Phuoc geographic location not too far from Hoi An and Danang in Japan, especially students Meiji Gakuin University, generation, you can easily reach …

En love he has received the consent of the government and people of Dien Phuoc. $ 100,000 (more than 1 billion at the time), the amount of desire to bring the young girl turned into bricks, built spacious 2-storey school building with 8 classrooms, gyms, health … and much training equipment.

Is dated 1995/09/04, the school completed and put into operation. Nha exaggerate the joy of students and teachers, the people here. People visit a lot, all the compassion and touched the hearts of Junko.

According to the teachers, the parents named Junko Sun to offer his daughter on behalf of the school. But by 2003, the school was the local authority primary school changed its name to pay tribute to the Japanese Junko girls short pairs.

Quang called school Japanese girls - photo 3.

School named in Dien Phuoc Japanese girl – Photo: UNION STRENGTH


Master Le Quoc Ha, elementary school Junko, takes us around the school, everywhere see the silhouette of Junko. Master Ha said: "10 years after the operation, the Association to build more floors Junko back to complete the infrastructure, every year they go to school twice, to give gifts to the students."

See surprised us Junko association, Mr. Ha said, "The heart is more common Junko, teachers and students of many universities in Japan have created this association to follow the mission to spread its bad.

For wing dream for students from B & # 39; etnama, the association in collaboration with the University of Danang established scholarship program to study in Japan, to create the conditions for pupils and students of the two countries to learn and cultural approach to the & # 39 is to know each other ".

Junko go to twenty, but left the human world of fairy tales. Her name is still in play here every day wear on the chest.

Scholarships for graduates Junko

Each year, former students of the primary school entrance exams were held Junko University of Da Nang and the best scientific achievements will receive a scholarship to Japan for a year.

Here you will have time to study one year at the University of 12 credits Meiji Gakuin.

Till now it has more than 10 children of the former elementary school students Junko get this scholarship.


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