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Quite "chic" burning motorcycle electric car conversion: Handle what?


Related events on social networks to spread the clip NGO Ba Pretty (SN 1993, nicknamed Pretty "cool" character is pretty good on the internet community) are broken, burned cars, now he said that the police Bac Ninh refinement and study was originally conducted convene quite "cool".

Pretty cool the combustion engine electric car conversion: Handle what? - Photo 1.

Images NGO Ba Pretty dam burning car cut from the clip.

Earlier in social networks to spread the clip quite "cool". In the clip, this young man complains of engine consumption of gasoline and a joint knocking, burning. It is noteworthy that with the & # 39 appeared on the & # 39; reality quite "cool" sitting on electric bikes.

According to the lawyer Dang Van Cuong, head of the legal bureau of the rectification (the Association of Lawyers of Hanoi), in accordance with the provisions of civil law, the person performing the civil rights of their own, they have a right to the assets they own.

Nevertheless, it is important that the implementation of the right to property is carried out under what circumstances, if, and does not affect the other.

If people are broken, destroyed transport their own without affecting other people, do not affect the general procedure, the behavior that a & # 39 is the right of individuals and is not limited to or apply any sanctions. However, if the vehicle is leased, borrowed or property of others, self-destruction can be experienced crime to destroy property or intentionally damage the property.

If the dam broke, destruction of property, affecting public order, causing a negative impact on security and order, and social security; obstruct or cause serious & # 39; serious traffic stalled public works can be processed on charges of disturbing public order.

By the force of lawyers, there is news that the reason is mentioned very "cool" action above, because this young firm reception of the & # 39; ads will help the tram, in the framework of the program "electric car conversion motorcycle platinum."

Under the legal point of view, if the behavior of the video beating scooters and calls for a change of trams quite bánh because this man is self-realization for the vehicle at his disposal, as acts want to express themselves with fish is that its individual rights.

However, if the behavior is not related to personal fulfillment, which was made in the direction of its electric vehicles to promote the products of its electric car, such behavior can be considered as advertising activities for healthy competition.

It is obvious that such behavior has a negative impact on young people, encouraging the destruction of property, and not to respect the property and trademarks of others.

If the authority to determine this is true, it is likely that the business will be carried out on a charge of unfair competition, competition law. Fines range from 60 million to 80 million people.

Earlier, in mid-March, quite "chic" was invited to the police station to record the authorization to conduct road parking Hanoi-Haiphong.

In particular, about 9h16 at 7/3, NGOs Ba It is the same group of motor control youth license plate 30E – 99A -196,53 114,23 and parked in the emergency lane on the highway Hanoi – Haiphong (towards Hanoi – Let number) . The group then vehicles in the foot down the street photos.

Pretty "cool", then it fined 5.5 million devoid license for 2 months.

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