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Real damage to 10 hosts Ton Quyen defeated by 800 cavalry Zhang Liao-World


Wednesday 2019/05/01 12:30 am (GMT + 7)

Battle of Hefei between 10 hosts Dong Ngo Quyen and military domination Zhang Liao Wei Tao UHY only for a long time been considered as a model demonstration of the battle "made a few enemies."

Real damage to 10 hosts Ton Quyen defeated by 800 cavalry Zhang Liao - 1

Quyen tons repeatedly pounded Cao Wei, but failed.

Zhang Liao is known as one of the most talented generals Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

Along with the music Tien Vu Cam, Zhang cable, from the panic, Zhang Liao takes "Tigers Wei." Chinese history is written, Zhang Liao is one of the best javelin strong general of the Three Kingdoms.

225 years after winning the trophy in front of the Sun Quan Zhang Liao and Li Sweden in Hefei, Wei Cao Phi issue a written edict:

"The company Hefei, Zhang Liao is only 800 infantry, who beat 10 thousand enemies, and ancient use of war is not one like this. Far funeral enemy to make two generals Zhang, Li result of the clutches of the court. "

The struggle that the history books

August 215, Sun Quan 10 hosts in an environment dominated by Hefei, where about 7,000 military focus Wei. At this time, Cao Cao's troops to leave, so I can not be saved, leaving only the military command: "When the enemy comes, Zhang Liao and Li held openly at war, the degree of Music in the holding center, the climate is not a war."

If the Minister Cao Wei also baffled, confused, Zhang Liao said: "If you're waiting for reinforcements arrived Kao, our troops have already died. Currently there is only one strategy, which is on the attack during a military Wu almost stable. It can deplete morale Dong Ngo, assuring our troops, so that was all. "

Zhang Liao 800 elite soldiers chosen, killed a buffalo feast to reward the soldiers amounts. Early in the morning the next day, Zhang Liao army openly at war 10 thousand army Wu East.

Three Kingdoms Luo Guanzhong wrote: "pioneer Zhang Liao armor, incredibly brave, working in the sweep, overnight killed two generals and dozens of East Wu troops."

Zhang Liao aggressive pat his chest crying, "Zhang Liao is" The raids were unexpected, Sun Quan and soldiers panicked, confused troops on a small mound to protect!. Zhang Liao problems Ton Quyen Quyen down fighting, but still unfinished soul does not say.

Real damage to 10 hosts Ton Quyen defeated by 800 cavalry Zhang Liao - 2

Victory from the hands of Cao Lu Bu Zhang Liao.

Zhang Liao found too few troops, Sun Quan ordered the siege hit home minister Cao Zhang Liao Wei, but was a powerful spear to escape.

If you see that the soldiers did not escape, Zhang Liao returned to continue raiding troops during the siege.

Finally, Zhang Liao and troops were withdrawn to safety Hefei. Sun Quan decided to gather the army siege of Hefei. For tens of days have passed, Vai army entrenched in the city to fight, Ton Quyen may not work in existence.

A few days failed, Sun Quan troops are suffering from disease, depression should Quyen decision on confiscation in each group. At the same time, Zhang Liao was standing at the gate is clearly visible, immediately planned an ambush.

If the top of the sun Tsyuante troops retreated terminal Pepper Knives, Zhang Liao sent bridges and led a cavalry raid. Gan Ning and Lu Mong strained new prop protected escape fin Ton Quyen.

Actual damage 800 Modern cavalry with 10 hosts

Chinese historian later said, viecTon resolution surprise raid was justified, but the capacity from 800 am to noon, Zhang Liao cavalry still hold out a few funny.

The minister was thin, Gan Ning, Lang Mini Dong Ngo is not mentioned in the battle.

Some Chinese scholars believe that there is really no such thing as Zhang Liao cavalry raid 800 Ton Quyen. Or, if so, only 800 brave can strike suddenly and leave immediately, before the generals created.

This interpretation is supported by the religious right dares to go to the post when the army left, Zhang Liao as a result of the second ambush. If you really scared right Liao led Ton Quyen did not dare venture so.

History is written, Quan Sun brought to 10 thousand troops to fight Hefem. This figure is also probably exaggerated, because even in a big battle in the Red Cliff Three Kingdoms largest as Shu The army again gathered 3 thousand.

Real damage to 10 hosts Ton Quyen defeated by 800 cavalry Zhang Liao - 3

Sun Quan was in the dock Standard Knife raid.

Another mistake & # 39 is that Zhang Liao surprise the first time that Sun Quan decided to leave. The truth is that Sun Quan was ambushed while troops across the river.

Three Kingdoms historians of copies of Western Jin Dynasty Chan Tho, states: "The right to conduct Hefogo fin dozen days, not down it was, he relied on. Bureaucratic system sub power & # 39 objective aspiration, almost caught by law. "

Sun Quan reasons for the withdrawal, later suggested that forces meantime Dong Ngo Quyen no longer allowed to stay longer, probably because of the outbreak.

Sun Quan also calculated the post-retreat, to go along with the most elite commanders. Unfortunately, the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong only decorate Zhang Liao period Ton Quyen chasing ran for his life.

Experienced trainers, who understand that the withdrawal, morale is low, the ability to ambush enemies. Tons Quyen must understand that his new identity in the post, to improve morale.

But why is contemplated, Sun Quan Zhang Liao still «Operating» to hell? It can be religious right not to think about this possibility or Zhang Liao chose an ambush point, very precise, while in the East the army took over the river is low.

Anyway, all the raids were in Ton Quyen Dao Text terminal real. Wai's army destroyed the bridge, forcing Ton Quyen beat and fortunate elite generals put in the river safely.


As the head of Jiang East, Ton Quyen is not recommended because of Shu Han Liu Bei has long taken control of Jingzhou. But Ton Quyen still dismiss contrary to marry the sister of Liu Bei. Long-term post to clarify in this regard.

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