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Saigon 20000 spectators sat, listening to music Zheng stadium


Fans sit tarpaulin cover nearly three hours listening to Lijuan, Bang Kieu … Memorial Theater on the night of the death of 18-year-old Trinh Cong Son.

30/3 pm, concert Name the four seasons A place in Hoa Stadium, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Continuation of the program of concerts in the open air circuit something & # 39; I Trinh Cong Son is held annually – which had been suspended in 2017 and 2018 due to a lack of funding and manpower. Opening concert for the series of events dedicated to the celebration of 18 years of the death of the late composer (2001/01/04), the biggest concert in the music Zheng.

Explosion cues - one of the singer with the & # 39; appeared in concert.

Explosion cues – one of the singer with the & # 39; appeared in concert.

19:30 Young song concert from 17 pm, viewers from all over the region flocked to the site. The closer the present hour, increasing audience. Each line is a tandem bike parking causes blockage. According to the organizers, 20,000 tickets were distributed free "fire" from a few days ago. At the entrance, tickets faction recruiter selling VND50,000 – VND100,000 each.

Spectators gather at the stadium enjoying the music Zheng.

Spectators gather at the stadium enjoying the music Zheng.

Saigon hot season, the air late at night no less hot. The stadium, the spectators began to gather in small groups. Trino music clubs to mix the air a familiar song as Hold hands, Let's love each other go, every day I choose joy… The crowd catching, popping drums entertainment with barrels and wooden guitar. Many shelves CD, music cassettes singer Trino Han Li, Hong Nhung, Ngoc Tuan … and bandaging the feet of visitors.

The Organizing Committee has organized a small amount of seating for guests. Viewers chose the carpet and sat down to enjoy the music. No one said anything, they would try to sit next to make room for the next to each other. Audiences of all ages, but most of them middle-aged – a young man who has to eat, sleep, live music Zheng. Every year they come to the concert, as the pilgrimage to find the original values ​​Trinh Cong Son music, after many years away from his "temporary areas."

Audiences enable phones flash from around the stadium to meet the singer.

Audiences enable phones flash from around the stadium to meet the singer.

Hand flapping fliers for less heat, Hoang Yen (City) said that her daughter took a taxi to the program in the afternoon. A few days ago, she had to ask her daughter to apply for tickets to the youth culture house. She claims that & # 39; is in favor of chain program since 2012, when the event took place in the area 7. The last two years, the night the music stopped, she still attended concerts in small scale Nguyen Van Binh. "However, I still do not see the" already "in the music Zheng in a large space. Music Zheng fit in every space, with tea rooms in the theater, but in the new stadium to see the community Zheng fans and contagious from this talented musician, "said Ian.

The concert lasted for nearly three hours about 25 songs, most of the singers are going to each shelf with a family program organized by Trino Cong Son, The first part of the & # 39 is the involvement of young artists. Nha Lan one of the singers opened with the singing of balance, a story through song Yellow flowers on a few degrees, the night show was a waterfall, Tran – daughter age 15 Tran Manh Tuan artist – get more applause when blowing saxophone In addition, for childrenDong Lan Trino jazz music is updated when the bilingual d & # 39; etnamtsav – French post Do you remember, Spring CitySo Tuan stir potpourri program Please tell me – what I saw today, Response Program Earth hourHe thanked the organizers reduced lighting and "please" the audience with flash projector phone to create visual effects.

Nha Lan Sing Golden State some degree

"Golden State some degree» Nha Lan Sing (Trinh Cong Son wrote).

The elements come from the "nail" the artist sorted in the second half of the program. Tran Manh Tuan trumpeter to play songs Children are neglected road, Saxophonist something & # 39; I Trinh Cong Son as brothers in a house that also & # 39 is the director of music programs this year. Quang Dung – in the long coat designer Hoang Dieu Trino, sister of musician – bass breeze through two songs In the second half of the day alone in the city, Ru living onlineAs if a new vocal territory in the music Zheng, Lijuan presentation Children each spring Ru concentration finger where the waves… short-distance voice, leaving little. Explosions Kieu bandaging legs 22h audience with a medley Pink rain – autumn leaves wither.

Lijuan sing 'em every spring finger concentration Ru »(composer Trino Cong Son)

Lijuan sing "uh each spring finger concentration Ru» Trino composer.

Between the repertoire, recording voices sounded Trino Cong Son as a spin-off. when writing Children are neglected road the late musician was playing, the night air bass music. A switched audience plates: "A hundred Trino singer singing nothing but the best, like music."

Trino Vinh Trinh singer, sister Trinh Cong Son excited to see the end of the night, but the audience is still full. Years chain execution software memorial brother, sister, and there & # 39; I have a lot of time of the financial difficulties. However, they limit the fundraising concert of not wanting to be commercial. "After 18 years, more and more music for his performance with the & # 39 is common, showed the musical heritage of the & # 39; omnym that he would leave. If alive, Trinh Cong Son devotee driven multiplication of love, peace. We hope his song became a symbol of expectation desire for peace with d & # 39; etnamskim citizen, "she shared.

Quang Dung performers with long sleeves designer musician sister. "Data-natural-h =" 550 "data natural width =" 400 "SRC =" /03/31/nhac-trinh-4-8696-1553999056.jpg

Quang Dung performers with long sleeves designer musician sister.

Looking ahead, two nights Trinh Cong Son remember 2019 was 2-3 / 4 in HCM City Theater, with the participation of the singer Tokiko Kato, Japan, Hong Nhung, Lijuan, Quang Dung, the Tuan … Like every year, the music Zheng night on the road Nguyen Van Binh also book took place on 1 / 4. home something & # 39; and an outdoor musician Pham Ngoc Thach Street (District 1) for audiences incense, arranging a car to visit the grave of musician audience on the Go Dua cemetery, Thu Duc. Something & # 39; I'm a musician working with film company production film revolves around his unfinished love with Japanese girls – Michiko Yoshi, scheduled for release on 2021/01/04 (round of 20, he lost).

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