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Sister "Ngka woman Bolero" Changjiang charm and unexpected ending –


Tuesday, 12:05 am 04/30/2019 (GMT + 7)

After Nha Phuong married male comedians know when setting withdrawal beautiful people "seduction" on television.

28/4 dark, my sisters and prosecutor Ny has become a special guest of the program "Super surprise" of Changjiang MC.

As reported, sister, "Jade Women's Bolero" with the & # 39 are the guy Changjiang same background as the Central. Even the "clown Kuang" also & # 39 is his brother who sustained support of my quite a lot in his car singing & # 39; EASURES.

Sister "Ngoc female Bolero" Changjiang charm and unexpected ending - 1

My sister Pursuit, Ny prosecutor as a guest in the program "Super surprise" of Changjiang MC.

From the owner, US automakers are constantly win him to produce his flock compatriot. Meanwhile, Attorney Ny sister asked sweetly male comedians that: "I see, I'm beautiful? His compatriot together again. We were allocated there "in his faith.

Before the full hi "charm" sisters "Ngoc female Bolero" Mr Nha Phuong Commune evades two beautiful and answered directly: "Do not bring the beauty back, he married" making studio laughed amused.

Sister "Ngka woman Bolero" Changjiang charm and surprise endings - 2

Both meet the unpredictability of taking Changjiang seductive beauty.

Although do not get support from the senior intimate, US automakers still impress the viewer while again giving funny questions also quite logical fit. However, in the last round with the arrival of 5 boys themselves, as a hip-hop dancer, she again received the end of the "roller coaster", because … like boys.

Instead of getting 5 million bonus, US automakers have been rotated enough suffering, 5 forks for words "I love all 5 handsome guy"Despite her screaming children on television, the Changjiang released a teaser: "Do you like 5 people, I love this boy, too. This season may not be valid, but you read, forbidden to wear women's networks guests ".

Sister "Ngoc female Bolero" Changjiang charm and unexpected ending - 3

He has overpaid element 5 forks flour, because "love beautiful boy."

After the program, the US Attorney said it took an hour to get rid of the flour from her hair and dress. Whatever the results are disastrous, the singer still think that this is a very interesting and experienced professionals will be ready to participate, if you received an invitation to continue the program.

Currently, "Ngoc woman Bolero 'with & # 39 is the manager of the program Idol Bolero. This is the first time she sat hot seat big game show and also the youngest person in the formulation of the veteran coach.

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Each with two male friends harassed him by surprise, Tran Thanh's wife responded very harshly for this action.

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