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Sliding rail, a person's death

W, 2018/11/27 16:24 PM Day (GMT + 7)

Seen people go through the fence to enter the track when the train rush to the people, they are full, but could not prevent.

Sliding rail, man mortality - 1

Police presence examination scene

27/11 evening, Police District 3, Ho Chi Minh City has an overview of the scene, investigating the cause of death of people occurred in the area.

Preliminary information, at noon on the same day, residents living near the railway North – South (para Ward 11, District 3) saw a man slip through the fence rail on the tracks while the train is, they are full of warnings.

Slipping into the rails, a man died - 2

Employees of the railway to coordinate their actions with the authorities to clarify the case

When the train north – south pass through, the people who run field tests, the identification of mortal victims inside the fence, the body has a lot of wounds.

To receive information, the police recorded the incident by taking statements from witnesses.

Her lover, then the train stabbing

While anger Ngoc knife cut into her neck Th. threatening. She ran behind the house, and then cross the street …

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