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Solar roof of the "confused" bill | Finance – Business


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In recent years, models have problems because of the financial procedures DMT TMN, in particular, the mandatory households should have the financial account in the sale of electricity to EVN, the new payment. But most of the seven & # 39; ads, no bill should not be able to develop a model of stakeholders to assess how high potential.

Shale, EVN payment instructions: for DMT TMN investors now have the invoices; monthly utility bill receipt, verification and payment of electricity bills in accordance with the investors, as ordered.

For TMN DMT investors & # 39 households are, people do not issue invoices; monthly business unit of the power company pays the listing of electricity in the system (CMIS), approved by the heads of the block and transferred to the accounting department for payment of electricity for all investments. Payment does not include the added tax cost increase. After the end of the year or after the termination of the contract for the purchase of electricity from the project, based on the "Read meter record certification, energy supply and electricity bills payment," the two sides will carry out the settlement of VAT tax rates as prescribed. Methods for determination of the value added tax for investors to follow the instructions in the text of 1534 / BTC-CST on 01/31/2019 the Ministry of Finance.

The outlet TMN DMT dimension corresponds to one-way traffic and have separate counter bilateral power metering. EVN also requested unit, based on the recommendations in this document expeditiously and report in case of any problems.

Solar roof of «v =» «H =

Households may engage in the production of electricity "Vodokanal, home advantage"


It should be completed within 3 days

Solar roof of «v =» «H =

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Energy companies host organizations registered installation demand DMTE TMN investors through the customer service center in the form of: phone, email, Zalo, Chat Box … The owner of the project of DMT TMN should send a dossier asking for the sale of electricity to the power company to three days, depending on from time to time to complete the project. Within 3 days after receipt of the request to sell the investor power, the power company to complete the analysis of the technical parameters of the project and signing a contract for the sale of power to the investors.

Is dated 2017/04/11 Prem & # 39; er Minister signed a decree number 11 on mechanisms to stimulate the development of solar energy projects in the & # 39; etname. Decision 11 is the policy in the field of solar energy in electricity prices, including model DMT TMN. DMT TMN model applied power offset mechanism. But DMT TMN model in recent years, can not be developed due to financial difficulties, according to which the provisions of forcing sellers, including households should have the invoice.

Date 2019/08/01, Deputy Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has signed a decision 02/2019 / QD-TTG (come into force from the date of signature) on amendments and additions to certain articles of the decision number 11; whereby refuse compensatory mechanism that applies power measured vertically separate delivery and receipt. Parties responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the current legislation on taxes and fees. Compared with the energy of a clearing mechanism, a separate dosing mechanism between one-way and can help increase revenue recognized value-added tax.

Decision 11 with effect from 2017/06/01 and is valid until the end of 2018, there were 1,800 new projects related to network DMT TMN. This sluggish growth, because people sell electricity, but can not raise the money, because there is no bill; temporary power and recognized the figure of … "so that the" wait and policies to remove difficulties.

With this new text, many experts predict DMT TMN model will evolve quickly reduce the pressure of the energy sector.

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