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Someone could not exchange a divorce


Mr. Lin Vy Da commune, Thanh Hien, Thanh Tui … was very careless, do not understand the victims of his wife.

The couple together not only with love, but also empathy, tact, especially paying attention to the other person. There has been a lot of fault pairs, cracked, not because they all love, all trading times without a sufficient sense of smell, to care and understanding. Artists also caught this issue, there are many male stars spoke on television about every careless with his wife.

Jiabao: I regret a lot, but his wife is now without

WATCH VIDEO: Jiabao talked about his wife or whine n & # 39; Yani, now his wife is no longer in the party.

Recently, actor and ex-wife Jiabao Thanh Hien surprise with & # 39; has appeared on TV, looking back, at the same time the marriage was over. Despite the injury, still in love, but is now considered just another couple as approximate and can not be restored "to pull the trigger." Knowing old husband has changed, still watching him, but Thanh Hien has not returned to his heartless had hurt her too much.

Wen said that he does not have a happy family & # 39; and that only because of the small, careless themselves. Says more about the source of failure, Wen said that it is too bad, because not only change their habits. Thanh Hien shared that joy, Jiabao has forgotten his wife. Maybe on stage Jiabao was fun, but after the stage, the actor quite cold, indifferent husband and others.

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 1

Jiabao was upset because a nagging wife, now realized that the crying new wife was interested in it.

If used together, the actor is often inconvenient for whining words, a reminder of his wife, he now noticed that they have love on myself so many new things. He recalls: "Thanh Hien accept or whine, or ask when you go out with your friends. Much later, when no one calls again, is why I think it's sad, too. Between the huge wedding photos, maps Map wife is still there, but I'm wondering if it's a dream. Friends can stay with me one day, two days or whining wife as the new Ian who really loves you. Friends did not go get it tomorrow goes well with his business partner just because that cup of wine that does not work anymore, I do not. "

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 2

Regardless of the changes, but Thanh Hien husband can not go back anymore. She believes that he also recognized the need to review how to skip tomorrow others will come to appreciate more.

Just think about it, to marry her then, and sometimes do not pay attention to his wife was thinking. Discovered in an interview with & # 39; w, the actor said: "I'm sorry to have sub & # 39 objective. I thought that his wife married to it, of course, will be his, although not interested in her, two steps do not need food. Over time, I allowed myself a heartless, just absorbed the chaos of work, leaving her there when pity time, will conduct himself with his wife even more. then I go to work, one week, one month, and then a few months.

Looking back, it was gone. I forgot that people do not stand there, waiting for her forever. People are not dolls in itself is always the goal. I still regret. If I was more interested in her, everything was different. Thanh Hien is very strong. But the strong women around the world need to be loved. I see this as a huge lesson in my life. "

Anti Vy: 2 CHILD then noticed the victim's wife

WATCH VIDEO: Hua Minh Dat's wife apologized for callousness.

Hua Minh Dat actor as he used to drown in drink until late at night, but do not give the wife waiting. The program of Mars Venus not so long ago, he confidently tears as the first years were married, he was indifferent to his wife.

Youth Forestry Vy Da stop at the age of 21, decided to get married, Hua Minh Dat yourself apologizing for absorbed to go to work to earn money at home and forget the longing, waiting for Lin Vy Yes at home every day. There are times when you go early Vy liability So, around midnight, 12:00, 1:00 new. Minh Dat promised knows only work, after work, to have the same boss to go slobbering night. He did not think much, just think that the husband wife to understand such things.

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 3

Vy Da Lama spent his youth with her husband, while Hua Minh Dat time engrossed fun and busy car & # 39; eray, soulless.

While his wife was pregnant, Hua Minh Dat's wife began to notice more. But the journey "through work", his wife, two Caesarean times to get 2 sons, the actor could not stood cheering and encouragement. After children, he and his family & # 39; I have put all the focus on children and forget to sacrifice Vy Da Lam.

"I was the one who suffered the most. They all asked the children, as it is, but no one asked me that before. I apologize again. Until now, I promise you will have time for more children and their seven & # 39; ads. Let's get his forgiveness NHS "Hua Minh Dat regretted.

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 4

After two children, he was the first to realize the hard work of his wife.

The woman spent her youth, but heartless husband did not notice. Luckily, Hua Minh Dat realized and now still growing VUN happy, trying to recoup some of the victim's suffering wife.

Duck Tin: Wife THINK FOR EVERYONE ABANDON engine, "two stars in the sky GOOD"

WATCH VIDEO: Duck Tina real interesting facts about his marriage.

According to Wen, although the strong woman, the arch and it can also still be loved. But the director Tin Duck will never forget this. Tui Thanh Commune he once stated that he made his wife sometimes boring to play with children, there is little time for family & # 39; and.

In an interview with & # 39; nd he recognized himself as a husband, father is not very good. He makes it vulnerable, almost did not correct errors break new Duck Tina said, before his life was so selfish!

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 5

Duck and Tina Thanh Tuya were on the verge of disintegration.

Thuy with & # 39 is too arch, resourceful. She has served as a director, producer, fulfill our social work and care outside the family economy, but also to have some & # 39; w, to take her husband's hand, with a & # 39 is caring for the child. How landing on her head is completed. Tin Duck, but his wife thought a perfectionist, ingenuity, good shoulder, there are two stars in the sky she could do it. Then he successfully inferiority of his wife, the wife is accustomed to everything and it is indifferent, withdrawn into the shell, limiting the impact of his wife. Some nights Thuy crying hurt, but unable to cry because of what her husband suffered. There are times married couple in the collapse of banks.

VO triangle with his wife, the wife of show business through Dat face lesson: Some people get divorced as soon as possible - 6

All experienced too many things in this marriage, I knew I did not have to ask for anything, to love their children more than a mother!

Duck Tina also showed the marriage made him change. He was born baby picture Thuy Cafe – the first child couples. "I testify that water for me to see the doctor. In this coffee down and have a caesarean section. Feeling when the doctor took the knife to disembowel his wife, I was, I am. I felt as if I was Tui, located on it, I'm not going to tolerate the pain. I knew from that moment that I hurt the woman, nothing to demand that the injured woman is. Whew! "Male Director said.

Second, after the children, heartless Phan Hyun suddenly on the language as it is with Hans Thi

Phan hyun after being criticized for "heartless", now there are ways to treat Khanh Thi sweet "Luite heart."

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