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Sports concussion: Ronaldo – Messi hurt on the current floor of boxing


Mon, 2019/01/04 12:05 am the day (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, boxing news) about the possibility to play the ball, it is difficult to identify one or more of Ronaldo and Messi & # 39 are two players who should have high and low on the current floor of the box.

with Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid in 2009, along with the player Lionel Messi (Barcelona) created contest "two horses" dramatic and abrupt. Moreover, to create a counterweight to the club, players will also compete fiercely in the individual category name.

Sports concussion: Ronaldo - Messi to decide boxing grudge against the floor - 1

Ronaldo with Messi box outline the high-low

Messi won a total of 5 Golden Ball trophy, Ronaldo 5 times with similar pride sentenced. Argentina and Barcelona's Champions League player 4 times, 9 times Champions League and 4 times champion Ronaldo major league in Europe and 2 times to put the real top of the most prestigious Spanish league. Two players also won many other titles, which would be referred to for a long time.

Messi or Ronaldo, who is always with the & # 39 is the subject of debate hot, but never had the right answers. The Argentine superstar has a natural talent when endowed with the "magic" of the left foot, while Ronaldo is the whole world knows – the successful efforts LET preparation will come to you.

Two football players, as "fire and water" and, apparently, they also turn the fans around the world in the two extremes of a different goal: There is a love, like Messi Ronaldo will not and vice versa.

Although arguments can not determine the winner, fist mentioned. One respondent crayons page 90min, heavyweight boxing champion Joshua confirmed that if the boxing competitions, Ronaldo Messi wins. "Messi is the body quite confident, but Ronaldo has a body like a Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee). You know what I mean, just Ronaldo stand and run punch that can knock down, "said Joshua 90min.

On the question of Quora about Ronaldo and Messi boxing, who will win? In addition, most of the fans chose Ronaldo, the Portuguese players can form and fitness than those counterparts.

Sports concussion: Ronaldo - Messi to decide boxing grudge against the floor - 2

Jesus once said Ronaldo Messi win over the boxing ring, and he was right

Able to expectations of fans around the world, Ronaldo and Messi recently decided to lower the floor, boxing than high finance. After consideration of the amount of games, you can see CR7 is too superior to the M10, the Portuguese player has started a series of blows to the knockout victory.

Information about the possible causes of supporters Ronaldo excited, as well as a fan of Messi dissatisfied, although today 1/4, so this is just a "duck" only. I wish you from the "April Fool's" fun!

Video simulation down Ronaldo Messi

SAO child 13 times he lifted the ball over 198 tennis Messi: Real Madrid "Order"

football club Real Madrid quickly reach young people with special qualities.

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