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Students must attend school properly compensate for the holidays


On the day 30/4 – anniversary of the liberation of the South, on the & # 39; communication, a national holiday, 9 secondary school An Vinh still have to go to school to school like a normal day. This leads many parents to think about and dissatisfied. Day occasion 30/4 national holiday, but on this day grader 9 Vinh high school still have to go to school to school in heavy rain.

Students must attend school in time for the holidays offset - 1

Ninth-Vinte high school attendance during the holidays

He NVB, the child's father, who attends high school in the 9th grade at Vinh said: "His son and other students not only have to go to school during the day 30/4, but in connection with the anniversary of the death Prev Hung Vuong (10.3 moonlight calendar), the student is still in school bias. "

Mr. B. is also interesting, is inexplicable in ordinary day his son had to go to school, the school back to stay, but the holidays, a school for the children to go to school.

Discuss problems in Nguyen & # 39; is Hien, director of the Department of Education and Training of Thai Binh said, as reported by the head of the education and training of Quynh Phu district, there are a number of secondary schools in the area for students in the 9th grade school during the holidays. The reason is that they have to do, and focus training 10 class teacher.

Hien said that children must attend school on holidays is not the policy of the provincial Education and Training Department of the Pacific. The visit was a voluntary agreement between the school and the school itself was born.

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