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teacher services for students "hot" creative scene: people are afraid to innovate as the stagnation


Teacher student service creative hot scenes: people are afraid of stagnation to recovery - Photo 1.

High school student Nguyen Thai Binh (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) with excerpts "Thi Mau to the temple" – Photo: NHU Hung

in conversation with youthNguyen Kim Anh – a secondary school teacher of philology Phan Chu Huy, Ha Noi – shared: "In these days, I and several colleagues also talked about the problem r ^ Cook Dat – High School Vo Truong Toan, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

We have the same idea of ​​any teacher, the teacher in finding methods for innovation in education, in training students may stumble, an accident at work. No one can be sure that there was no negligence. Only when the choice is "closed" innovation, creativity, copy the stereotypical teaching reading to students if it run. "

* Having said that, it seems that the creation of teaching in difficult and dangerous. This must be the reason why many people are afraid of innovation, creativity?

– The difficulty and pressure on teachers from many sides: the program pressure, the pressure must be sufficient for the students tested had higher rates, the pressure on innovation, but parents do not understand, still considers that probably react negatively. Then somewhere teacher leaders want innovation, but the old familiar lines.

So, who wants to innovate again without the support and encouragement of leadership, colleagues.

It made dedicated teachers fall into a sense of "alone." If the lack of courage, enthusiasm is not enough, many people will not be so foolish to embark on notice may not be safe.

But he said that does not mean that everyone is afraid of. Many schools are now encouraging teachers to upgrade themselves, many teachers considered to be an innovative, creative way of themselves to inspire yourself to be able to follow the work of a lot of pressure, but someone also said in the professional career "sweat poured money." Most teachers examples in a complex environment, to bring open mined knowledge.

Teacher student service creative hot scenes: people are afraid of stagnation to recovery - Photo 2.

Nguyen Kim Anh (literature teacher Phan Huy Chu High School, Hanoi)

* Thus, in order to avoid "accidents", teachers should do?

– As a teacher, I understand the concept, not only to teach knowledge, but to study to become a psychologist to understand the game, judging by the fact that the children think of what to do.

In one study, a particular situation, visualize and evaluate all children can do to remind, preventing ago.

Dimensional game is one-dimensional, but still has the same delicate game through some "forbidden zone", if not violence, not offensive, does not show the deflection and wrong …

For example, the chemical stage plays of literary works, while leaving many student performances, even for visitors to see, be sure not to play "keep secret" content.

They have the right creative "adventure" in the demonstration, but to remind you to determine what to do and not to do. For example, if historical characters to understand the direction of the struggle, can not beat the hands of their comrades "With … hey!" As the students want to express substituents.

* But it is believed that modern education should not be rigidly restricted area. This is reflected not only in the cultural stage of the work in other educational activities, or in the examination, evaluation of students through the test, the study?

– Modern education is promoting the initiative, self-study, the possibility of cooperation, teamwork, students and, of course, in order to encourage creativity. But my personal opinion, in schools where a & # 39; The object with the & # 39 is the education of minors, that teachers should give students direction of kindness, good and humane.

I, for example, a quiz for students stated feelings about the poem painted negative, say working place. Ideally, teachers can get outside of language textbooks for students to express their thoughts, and they freely expressed their views.

But, in my opinion, the awareness of students at the age of "eating unsaturated, worry less," if you put the corpus character pessimistic, negative and reflects the aspect of society, they will be unable to fully understand and profound aspects of the problem.

If it was me, I would not have chosen such a case. It can satisfy a college student, but students do not have to.

Teacher student service creative hot scenes: people are afraid of stagnation to recovery - Photo 3.

The Court of First Instance, taken "illegally stockpiling drugs" was held in the high school Nguyen Extension, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City on 30/3. According to Ms. Vo Thi Hong Lan, director of the school, it's a chance for them to improve their knowledge and consciously abide by the law and have the students work, relieve depression in the class exposes civic education – Photo: NHU HUNG

We need a partner

For teachers, for peace of mind to devote to the profession, innovation enthusiasm needs the companionship of school leaders and sharing and support of colleagues. Anyone who wants creative solitude, but does not spread, useful for students.

About Dat teacher, if this time we just opinion, the lack of empathy means that we are back with the progressive table. Those "afraid of Innovation" will take this as a "mirror" that gives rise to more than stasis.

Hence, as well as view education manager will behave like. If so sensitive should prohibit and creative stew students will not be able to learn something new, again, not forging capacity.

Nguyen Kim Anh (Graduate School of Literature Phan Huy Chu teacher)

We need more creative thinking about creativity

Diana Senechal

Diana Senechal, author of "Mind Over memes" – Photo: personal website

America with a & # 39 is one of the nation, but also aims to create a children's art, from which they will become employees with the work, and it will continue to grow to become the opinion leaders of innovation, innovation.

According to the website information quartz, The most eloquent testimony to the & # 39 is a program of cooperation with the name Cooperation for the training of the 21st century (The Partnership for 21st Century Learning) In this country.

This program is a & # 39 is the result of cooperation between education, business, community and government leaders in the United States in the spirit of the child should be educated ability to think quickly and find solutions for the incredible response to future jobs in a changing context.

Likewise, the Organization for Development Cooperation and International Development (OECD) – which provides data and research policy for the development of global prosperity, including in developed countries in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and Japan – that education today should be aimed at strengthening creativity and evaluation.

Education, training and assessment of critical thinking skills and creativity "to help students succeed in today's economy, globalization, knowledge-based and innovation."

In addition, the book Mind over memesAuthor – writer, educator Diana Senechal said that the best way to improve creativity to give him space and substance.

According to her, the inventor creates new things, but not "from the creator", but, finding new solutions to problems.

This requires long-term work, perseverance, a willingness to experiment with something, even if others think does not matter.

"We must be more creative in how our understanding of creation, as well as be more creative in the way of measuring the expression of this skill.

Creativity is not something that teachers and supervisors can check or direct labeling. But what they will get when great ideas are presented and show that demonstrates the relevance of this. There is no shortcut for this process, but it is worth the effort and wait "- says Diana Senechal.

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