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Teammate silly mistake, Van Lama recognized 2 goals bitter | sport


In the 5th round of the Thai League in 2019, as guests of Ratchaburi Muangthong with great confidence after two straight wins before that. Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam to start form the beginning of the season I continued Pairoj trusted coach from the start.

Two were immediately attack the team after the opening whistle and created the game very attractive. While homeowners Ratchaburi focused on the ball in the flanks, particularly the left side Muangthong Nuttal Sombatyot again hit the average because of the technical superiority of foreign soldiers Heberty.

Half of the place at high speed, the two teams created a lot of scoring chances, but did not use. Start the second half, the situation will not change, and the turning point came only after blunders Adisaka Krayzorna. On the 50th minute striker scored Thailand's attempt to "swing the compass" in the yard and Stephen Lang snatch the ball. Soon, Stephen Lang, an accurate cross from the pain in the upper judge, defeating Van Lam.

Suddenly found, Muangthong put all wildly. However, do not jump to visitors bring results, but also made them pay dearly. After 66 minutes, Ratchaburi lightning counterattack and were causing lead to 2-0. In this situation, Wang Lama have an excellent shot only Ratchaburi first striker, but his teammates slipped and let Kang Soo-il success came the shot compensation.

2-0, Ratchaburi actively reduced speed and a deeper game play tough defense. Their tactics do Muangthong stalled and can not be credited with. This failure makes Muangthong slipped to 10th place in the ranking of 2019 Thai League for Buriram United 5 points leader.

By Van Lam, in the & # 39; etnam Goalkeeper have a superior performance with many spectacular saves. However, the high style of Van Lama insufficient support Muangthong run when the team lost on him to make too many mistakes.


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