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Tears people stay!


Involved cars rammed the motorcade makes 7 dead, 3 injured occurred the morning of 27/3, at noon on the same day, the body of the dead were taken to his home in the village of Trung Nguyen (Central Highlands & # 39; I commune Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc) for the burial site. Expertise business scene is completed.

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! 1 photos
Horror scene when TNGT passenger car crashed into the motorcade caused 7 deaths.

7 victims killed lived close to the site where the incident occurred as a result of the accident. Villagers Zhongyuan all indifferent, do not believe that just happened. Compassion for the unfortunate victims of stress, to overcome the mountain, people are divided into each group in every house lost sympathy, support each other through the pain.

Until now, the police Vinh Phuc province has prosecuted the case, the prosecution accused and arrested the driver caused the accident. Nevertheless, the loss of loved ones pain, extreme fear of those who survived will monitor and prosecute not only …

morning terror

Despite two days after the accident, Van Vinh Nguyen, who survived still seemed dazed and frightened, said, standing in the motorcade saw the car coming straight run very fast. Many desperately called for the driver to stop, but the car is still running away and ran into a caravan.

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! image 2
Air covering mourning poor vicinity Chung Nguyen (Central Highlands commune, Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc).

"Grieving Doan stood on the road for about 5 to 10 minutes before the propeller tools, beliefs, procedures, placing the coffin across the street, and not only the arrival. As it stands on the banners banners have many tools to move could not see. People think that management has mastered the speed and weight in order to see the car stop. So there is no time to run the tool. The car crashed and rolled straight into a lot of people, "he said Vinte voice choked broken because.

The house has 4 cabins, Nguyen Nhu Phu – who himself was present at the procession still seemed dazed recalls: "When I led a delegation to Get away, I saw the car. NO deceleration, so slaughtered. then I called everyone should jump out and survived. "

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! pictures 3
Deciding that he still seemed stunned by the sudden death of his brother.

Mr. Fu said that the 7 victims killed 3 people have a relationship with him, and the other 4 of & # 39 are close neighbors.

With the 7 victims, Nguyen Van Party (born in 1989) with a & # 39 is the youngest victim. Sitting idly in the level of 4, Nguyen Van decision (brother of his party) said this morning his brother spend their brother.

The motorcade before crossing the Dong Dau when he crashed, his brother was taken to the hospital but did not survive and was sent home shortly thereafter. The consistent downward painting when his mother a few months before the party had a motorcycle accident in order to enter in the & # 39; etnam-Germany Hospital (Hanoi) emergency.

Currently, her health is very weak. So he decided that people hid his brother in trouble, brought his mother to the family & # 39; and shelter, to take care of the funeral of his brother.

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! 4 photos
The funeral service of a young victim of crashed car motorcade makes 7 dead.

"House of 4 brothers, it was the young party. His father died early, party builder for life. Heartbreaking story, so we could not talk to her mother, afraid of her mother could not stand the blow, "he told the decision.

Limit the teenager is a scourge, how?

Ramp crash was crossing the intersection with Highway 2C Trung Nguyen new roads will be completed. This failure explains the risk suras & # 39; oznaga traffic accident on the highway that roadside where many people live, many crossroads.


I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! image 5
The scene in the Zhongyuan TNGT seen from above. Photo: Zing

According to road safety experts, if by this time the status of people living and traveling on the highway with transport heavy loads, only a small influence on the steering wheel of a big truck, killing dozens of innocent people too easily.

Mr. Kim Khuong Tao, former Deputy Bureau Ubat director of the National turnover said that not only the accident in Vinh Phuc, in most cases, road accidents, especially sur & # 39; serious last time most collected errors mainly due to driver for many reasons, such as the use of drugs, alcohol, fatigue leads to a lack of observation, not mastered the speed.

Therefore, long-term solutions to limit traffic accidents, especially sur & # 39; ozna according to Mr. Kim Khuong Tao, in addition to investments to correct dark spots and transport infrastructure deficiencies, the need for additional investment total solution for team drivers, with those involved in the report.

"We are determined to do what we need to put in place, it is people management, particularly for motion control. For example, a black point, then we have a solution for regulating human behavior. For the driver, it is not only fines from & # 39 are sufficient, which should have been the methods have changed, and during the training and testing of drivers amended, and charged for enterprises to drive the use, recruitment and training drive on a regular basis, "said Mr. Tao.

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! image 6
Catastrophic scene in Hai Duong TNGT container when the car crashed into the caravan to visit the cemetery of the martyrs.

From the beginning, it was traffic accidents particularly suras & # 39; oznaya second eight people were killed in the accident Hai Duong. It should be noted 2 cases of death accidents this lot came from social activities in rural areas. In May Duong delegation will visit the cemetery of martyrs, as well as in Vinh Phuc with & # 39 is on & # 39; union gave the funeral.

Leaders Mr. Nguyen in & # 39; a, Director of the Institute Culture Thang Long said that if such an accident in Hai Duong is adjacent to imperfections infrastructure, such as traffic, by up and down entirely justified freeway № 5, the accident in Vinh Phuc also they have in common, mainly due to driver error.

In addition, the crowds that gather in large numbers on roads such as funerals, weddings, the event should be very sensible, proactive measures to ensure the safety of persons involved in something & # 39; I. These rules were laws, but actually ignored.

I am a guest car crashed into Doan vu mourners: tear him to stay! image 7
Without these measures, the authorities and citizens as public events on road safety will be more such cases in Trung Nguyen, Hai Duong …

From the perspective of cultural studies Nguyen in & # 39; a leader, said: "In accordance with the law of motion is not allowed to spill out into the street, but if you do not go out on the street flows, people are in some way? In my opinion, there should be harmony between the two sides. Something & # 39; and local organizations where the funeral should be alert to the riders entirely spill, and still the road to automobile travel. At the same time ready for traffic control with the front caravan. Try to limit the leakage of the street, so that both sides should be shared in order to maintain beliefs, as well as to ensure the movement of vehicles on the roads. "

In many major highways, it is still common situation where people Traction daily activities and even held a meeting on the road. Two cases of road traffic accidents, particularly suras & # 39; oznyh in question can be considered the consequences of various reasons such as, without any measures to strictly control the driver of the team, inadequate transport infrastructure, basic awareness of road users. /.

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