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The pilot shouted "soar, soar," before the plane crashed


the pilot shouted

Boeing 737 Max 8 accident just six minutes after takeoff – Photo: JONATHAN DRUION

Anti-stall system on the Boeing 737 Max 8 said that the cause of the disaster makes all the 157 people on the plane were killed, according to BBC data.

Shortly after takeoff, at an altitude of only 137m from the ground, the plane began its descent dives.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the pilot called out the rest of the cavity "float, float" their phone before the termination of the activity.

Wall Street Journal showed interviewed people know about the investigation fought Ethiopian airlines plane. confidently told the newspaper to grasp the information helped "paint a picture of a catastrophic mechanical failure of the crew, too."

New information was leaked from the study from Ethiopia and the United States have shown that the stall protection system is automatically activated at the time of the accident.

the pilot shouted

Complete 157 people on Ethiopian Airlines flight were killed – Photo: Getty Images

The possibility of advanced flight control system (MCAS), automatic control function is also associated with the suras & # 39; oznyh accidents occur in flight Lion Air Indonesia in October last year.

Investigation of his accident in Indonesia's Lion Air has also shown the system against faulty stall makes the dive planes down 20 times before crashing into the sea. The Ethiopian authorities have confirmed "with obvious similarities' in a plane crash two Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines airline.

According to the BBC, aviation officials have refused to comment on the leaked information to the press about the investigation.

Concern about Boeing 737 MAX line, many countries around the world are forced to suspend production of the aircraft.

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