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The real concern of the "Gypsy virtual life» | events


Girls on Nguyen Thi GI (9A grader, high school Phu Ung Thi H.An, Hung Yen) was 5 classmates brutally assaulted, stripped naked, it turned out to distribute clips from 22.3 chapter really outraged public opinion.

After the incident, Hung Yen province written request for consideration of the application the responsibilities of individuals and organizations; He offered to cooperate with the police and the Provincial Public Security Bureau to urgently H.An violations performance determined in accordance with the law. Consider and handle the responsibility of individuals and organizations involved in the incident of school violence in Phu Ung high school.

Martial March, discloses a fear

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I worry when young people tend to consider the use of deviant behavior in the "color" and live a virtual, online, despite the popularity. This will lead to a shaky platform of moral values ​​or even a violation of the law

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Nguyen Phuong Linh, director of the Institute of Management Issues for Sustainable Development

If things are solved authorities about D.M.T Facebook account information has published a "gang" descent H.An Thi find the student who attacked you "handle". Actual damage is unknown, but the image is attached This status young people around him, he came to the young band tattoos – which themselves define themselves as «Gypsy working life" – not that many people show surprised.

In fact, many users of the network is not yet fully familiar with the name of DMT, also known as "the saint cursed" land of Bac Ninh. T. rotation clips often cursing people, from celebrities to challenge each other guillotine, threatened to burn down the house in the … social networks (MXH), attract millions of views.

After a period of "storm" on Facebook, 2017 T. Bakninte Provincial People's Court convicted and sentenced to 32 months in prison on charges of committing crimes: disturbing public order and destruction of property. Last 2018 T. from prison and shake like a hero live online.

Similar "to the & # 39; reality» DMT, K.BanH Facebook account, a young man associated with images of tattooed Roma, who specializes in the conversion of the live broadcast profanity, swearing on the YouTube and Facebook, even with friends lined across the highway to take a picture and it was treated by the authorities, the youth is encouraged, please take photos as idols.

K.Banh Facebook personal page has had 60,000 tracking; who owns the YouTube channel has nearly 2 million followers. K.Banh regularly upload videos dissipated drink with friends, swear, swear, complex, with a weapon, a machete is "to settle the case", gambling … In recent years, K. Banh not hesitate to record a video clip located on YouTube, threatening journalist suggested that concern about "the phenomenon» K.Banh bad influence on young people. Characteristically, instead, to protest "behavior» K.Banh, some young people "individual", even to ask "twin brothers."

Along with DMT and K.Banh, there are a number of 'with & # 39; waking, "such as HHH, on top of last week, DT, QRB .. also is regarded as a" big brother "with a series of clips that threaten people demanded" Expand "the other purge Even HHH also clip" sharing experiences "do usury money Those with & # 39;.. waking pipes and includes" Top 10 most notorious Gypsy VN ».

From virtual to real life network

A few years ago, D.TTV (live Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) and VHTV (live TX.Di An, Binh Duong) exchange words on MXH should place calls to clip together, and soon DTTV VHTV encourage friends, "fan "adherents to hundreds of destination Nguyen Hue street walk" strategic decision ". The correct date, hundreds of young people from the two groups and VHTV DTTV gathered in Nguyen Hue street to go to the" fight. "

The case has attracted a lot of curious people focus tracking public Disorderly. Getting the police report was attended by Ben Nghe Ward disperse the crowd and gave 16 people (including those involved D.T.T.V and V.H.T.V) office.

On the last day of 2017, at MXH video clips with the & # 39 are longer than 30 minutes to burn the image of the youth group of about 10 people standing on the road, passing through H.Phu Ninh (Phu Tho) swear by mouth, holding knife, scimitar intercepted the truck, passenger car, "to ask for money." Bodies H.Phu Ninh Public Security in the investigation and called the youth groups involved in the incident. 10 adolescents aged 16-18, previously admitted drink and invite each carrying weapons home on "Photography" highway. Then, the youth group, teens are going to block any car "to ask for money," and a rotating group of persons on Facebook Livestream. Phu Tha Police Service has prosecuted 10 young people "robbed just Live" is.

Date 2018/10/06, people living in the area Bridge Nhi Thien Duong (Ward 6, District 8, HCM City) closed the door, frightened, when two young gang holding guns, was plunged into chaos. Riot case at both the regional and 1 wounded. If the presence of the police, two of the gang fled in all directions to escape. Through access reviews, the police district 8 captured 6 suspects involved. Through investigation, police determine the cause of the incident due to N.N.T and T.N.T.L (2 leader) may contradict each other on the battle MXH should subsidize. Both bands above (about 50 people) prepares homemade knives, machetes, knives, iron pipes … and invite more young people grow new Nhi Thien Duong bridge into battle. Shortly District 8 police took the situation under control and arrest those involved.

Involvement of young people with disabilities to the "how" to "share"

After watching the channel, Facebook, YouTube K.BanH, the leader of the criminal police department (C02), Ministry of Public Security said that most of the clips to & # 39; etsya, cursing, using weapons, gambling, which shows the life of a gangster … it is said there are behavioral signs of violation of the law.

Explaining the phenomenon of young people in favor of characters living standard deviation of MXH, director of the Sustainable Development Research Institute of Management (MSD) Nguyen Phuong Linh said it from & # 39; K.BanH reality not the first time – that nothing good, even distorted – the people there, especially the young, trumpet (formerly BT case, LR ..). Other famous people or KOLs (Key Opinion Leader: those who have influence in a particular area, are well known – NV) has attracted netizens with the help of models, a positive signal, or, at least, it is interesting to note that in the case of Gypsy youth on youth attracted the standard deviation.

According to Ms. Linh, children and young people are curious and frivolous capital Gypsy this virtual network should hit wonder what the psychological desire of young people to the "how" (eg). "I'm not surprised that young people are attracted by such stories, but quite shy case K.BanH» as "" share "(share) of the cult and welcoming as KOLs. Even if it could just as instantaneous movement, "like", "share" for fun, out of curiosity, but it also shows the behavior and the behavior of Internet users is not appropriate; not to think, to think and to consider the exchange of «Ms Lin said.

says Ms. Lin that the virtual network, but a very real impact. Accordingly, the behavior of the network also forms the individual stamp of the population. Thus, he advocated the deviant behavior of a few thoughtless thoughts affect people interact with each other, and not just for fun.

"I'm worried that young people tend to consider the use of deviant behavior in the" color "and live a virtual, online, despite the popularity. This will lead to a shaky platform of moral values ​​or even a violation of the law, "Ms Linh warning.

MSc Ngo Van Huan, of Sociology of the Academy of Experts of the city manager, said that the phenomenon of Gypsy style standard deviation already exists and has a certain influence in real life. Then, in connection with the development MXH, a gypsy life begins was born "Morphology" Gipsies on MXH. These people promote the image in order to create a greater impact on the young bravery missing parts. According MSc Mentoring is a & # 39; reality is growing and expanding.

Why is part of Gypsy youth as "Idol"?

MSc Ngo Van Huan said that young people often turn to those who could meet the needs of "rebellion", but no action need not be in real life. Thus, the majority of fans of the "gang on MXH», that young people are being asserts itself and not enough penetration in the value of standards. "With this with & # 39; waking effect can be seen MXH increases. "Success" in "gangs Networks" in recent years, partly because of their use of the breeze moves, showing off wealth has made many people believe, delight … ", the MSc Management Workshop solutions.

Nguyen Tien

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