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The recommended policy since May


Students not comment negatively affects the school network; false accusations and the public can be prosecuted.

bus exhaust black smoke on the streets of Hanoi. Photo: Khanh Chi

bus exhaust black smoke on the streets of Hanoi. photo: khanh Chi

Vehicles up to 20 years, new rules apply emissions

With effect from 15.5, the Government Decision 16/2019, which provides a roadmap for application of emission standards for used cars in traffic and used imported cars. Accordingly, the automobile manufacturer from 1999 to 2008 standards Level 2 emissions from 2021/01/01 apply. Cars made after 2008 shall take effect from the date of the second 2020/01/01

Of imported used cars, emission standards were introduced on January 5/2019 4. Petrol engine vehicles, the production of diesel fuel by 1999, continue to apply level 1 emission standards.

Under current rules, only the production of cars, assembly and new importers on the application of emission standards at level 4 and level 5; The remaining machines are used to level 1 & # 39 is the lowest.

See also: emissions rules for cars from January 5/2019

Grader possess the skills to protect against abuse

Circular 05/2019 with effect from 21/5 Ministry of Education and Training of the rules on the minimum equipment list of teaching Grade 1, including the documents to learn skills to protect against abuse.

An abuse prevention classes for teachers in Danang free. Photo: Nguyen Dong.

An abuse prevention classes for teachers in Danang free. photo: Nguyen Dong.

Movement of at least Grade 1 training devices attached to Circular 05, the Ministry of Education requires the Ministry of disputes on the prevention of abuse, help students form a potential exploration knowledge by watching, be applied to real life; Set of 2 sheets of illustrations to protect against abuse.

One illustration of the rules bodyguard guys with the words "Remember! Do not let anyone touch, touch the body linen cover. If a student does not have to be a veterinarian." ..

Professional competitors have a maximum of 2 points high school graduation

With effect from 23.5, Circular 03/2019 of the Ministry of Education and Training on amendments to the rules of the national high school exam, indicating a high school and university students with certificates of professional continuing education, vocational diploma, earn points in priorities when considering the average school.

In particular, the plus 2 points, if well sorted professional certificate or excellent and good professional categories with a degree; plus 1.5 points, if takes a professional certificate, class and upper-middle professional degree; plus 1 point, if the classification of the average.

Students not comment negatively affect the educational environment

Circular 06/2019 of the Ministry of Education and Training in force on the date 28/5, establishes the rules of conduct in the pre-school educational institutions, secondary educational institutions, educational institutions often. Accordingly, the students do not use offensive costumes; non-smoking, use of alcohol, illegal substances in educational institutions in accordance with the law. Regulations also require students who do not participate social evils; do not use social networks to spread propaganda, commentator information or images that are contrary to the habits and customs, left the party line, policies and laws of the state or a negative impact on the educational environment fitness; not to harm the health, honor and dignity of oneself, of others and the collective reputation.

False accusation and employees can be handled criminal

With effect from 28/5, Decree 31/2019 of the Government in detail a number of articles and organizational measures to implement the Law of denunciation specify measures to deal with whistleblowers from & # 39 are officials, civil servants.

Accordingly, officers, employees, workers, depending on the nature, degree of violation, be disciplined or prosecuted for criminal liability, if one of the following: Knowing the accused is not in the same or repeated denunciations said that the incident was resolved in accordance with the policy and laws, but he repeated the accusation without proof, that the denunciations; force, seduce, provoke, tempt, bribe other false accusations; using another person's name to condemn the causes of internal time & # 39; yadnanastsi or affect the reputation of the normal operation of institutions, organizations and bodies.

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