The Thai club wants to recruit number 1 goalkeeper in Vietnam


In particular, Thailand's leading sports news Siamsport was recently confirmed, the Trat FC club is looking for ways to serve goalkeeper No. 1 Tel Vietnam Dang Van Lam for the upcoming season. If all goes well, the negotiation process will take place in the near future.

After the end of the 2018 season, Trat FC is second in the Thai League 2 and will qualify for the 2019 Thai League. The goalkeeper is considered the most important player. Trat FC needs to add to the battle at a fierce soccer tournament in Thailand next year.

Information about Thai clubs wants to have Art published by Siamsport

Therefore, Dang Van Lam is the most trusted name. Siamsport also introduced a fairly detailed resume from Vietnamese players abroad. The newspaper reported that Muangthong Utd had been aggressively serving the goalkeeper last season, but his plan failed because he did not receive a nod from the goalkeeper. temple in Haiphong.

In 2018, Dang Van Lam showed excellent performance in the color of the Port city team. In 25 appearances, the keeper kept 10 clean sheets, honorable figures. Therefore, Dang Van Lam deserves to be one of the main players in Vietnam to attend the 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup.

The value of Van Lam will be high if he plays well in the national team. Image: Phan Tung

The fact that the Thai club wants to recruit him as a news media from the Golden Temple is a big motivation for Dang Van Lam to show his talent at the 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup. If you play well in Vietnamese shirts, the goalkeeper's brand value will definitely be pushed higher.


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