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Tram Anh said nothing to the advertising of gambling rings trillion?


Tuesday 2019/04/30 15:00 (GMT + 7)

In recent years, online gambling site was Police Department Criminal Police "touching the neck." Moreover, the information and Tram Ani Pretty Banh each of the & # 39; reality for this site. So HotGirl 9X say anything about this?

Accordingly, the Criminal Police Department – Police found a gambling ring has a large-scale, organized activities in a number of provinces and cities across the site (name of the site was Stands – PV), servers and control systems abroad.

The number of cash transactions on the accounts of bodies of preliminary statistics, more than 30,000 billion, more than 3 times the amount of line gambling Rikvip Phan Sao Nam and Nguyen Van Duong collapsed earlier

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Quite bánh characters with & # 39; appear in the video.

It is noteworthy that even after line "touching the neck,» YouTube users have unexpectedly discovered a promotional video for public.

Even YouTube videos are also associated with a character quite Banh (Bac Ninh who police custody for the study of organizational behavior speculation), and HotGirl Tram Ani and advertising pages gambling is legal fees.

In particular, under the name «FXX – Pretty Cake – TA HotGirl great noise of My Dinh Stadium Em Suzuki Cup 2018" published on October 11/2018, character images Pretty Banh, HotGirl Tram Ani and setting a headliner with PG & # 39; appearance of a pickup orchestra march city ​​My Dinh stadium. Even the characters are pretty bánh and Tram Anh and tucked website address, promotional advertising photography.

Worryingly, many accounts of YouTube followers Photo Pretty bánh and Tram Anh challenged reposted to the opinion of the & # 39 ads monetization, incitement and promotion of illegal gambling sites

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Tram Anh publicly dressed in gambling sites.

Many comments in some clips commentators expressed surprise before the symbol Tram Anh is also associated with the incident publicly promotion rates, gambling online & # 39 is legal in the & # 39; etnam prohibits such FXX .com melt shops defeated many of the "bloodthirsty" .

Before this noisy information, newspaper reporter contacted the informant Tram Anh, however, this HotGirl refused to answer. Tram Anh manager also reported that its artists to promote a website with a & # 39 is his personal story. Currently there is no longer working with Tram Anh more.

The In & # 39; etname, the law prohibits all acts of promotion, as well as any form of gambling. But to control the online gambling activity in the & # 39; etname still very loose. Tram Ani HotGirl publicly advertise the web site makes the image 9X HotGirl ugly, distorted more.

Within 1 minute clip full hot Trams An overall dizziness

In addition to the unusual appearance, costumes and movement of hot girls "Hot and World Cup" also caused a stir.

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