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Trenches 200,000 km – mobile base of Dien Bien Phu


These trenches until the claw itself, helping to & # 39; etnamskiya troops and destroy Ming press group of French base.

"On 1954/08/05, the day after the battle of Dien Bien Phu victory, we are determined to find allies trenches. This year, I squad a lot of rain flooded trenches took 58 people from the young to put dirt in a cemetery A1 ", the veteran F Ba Mieu opening stories.

Voice choked, his eyes watery, almost 90-year-old man each sally through the battlefield said, among those who are going to have enough – the soldiers in his command. But beneath the mud, he no longer recognizes his companions were her daily. "This is a big obsession, accompanied me for many years," he said Mieu.

Join the revolution, when the 19-year-old boy in battle battlefield Pacific Cao-Bac-Lang. Last month 12/1953, while in Laos, the regiment 174 division 316 secrets he was ordered to join the march of Tran Dinh. No one knows where Tran Dinh Company until the Dien Bien Phu.

Veterans F Ba Mieu who live in the town of Dien Bien Phu, have almost 90 years old this year. Photo: Hoang Tuya

Veterans F Ba Mieu who live in the town of Dien Bien Phu, have almost 90 years old this year. photo: Hoang Thuy.

It has been 65 years old soldier Dien B & # 39; yen a year I still remember clearly the first thing that he came to do while on the Dien B & # 39 fight; he & # 39 is the architecture of strengthening the system, trenches for Mobility for artillery, transporting wounded soldiers, mobilized troops and approached the enemy fighting positions.

There are two types of trenches, the soldiers have to dig first, that the trench runs a large circle around all enemy combat zones in the center; two rifle trenches, working from a fixed place of a military unit in the field of forestry barn, cut trenches here, enter the place where our army intends to destroy.

By Mieu, form deep trenches to be overloaded (about 1.7 m). Trenches 1.2 meters in width mainshaft also has about 0.5 m in width for the land before the security and secrecy bombs France Army on the move. Infantry trenches with artillery pits rooms, vaults, trenches and gun emplacements, to cope with the attacks.

To ensure confidentiality, harvesting is done at night. Each soldier was found hoes and shovels to do the task. "Shovel Language reopened early days as a fan on Nana, brilliant. On Coppola trenches reach the battered enemy, enclosed in a small piece of iron, "he said Mieu.

With boiled atmosphere war, twenty soldiers holding a shovel energetically debt. Education uses his hands, a shovel of dirt. Facing the soft ground, weak, work smoothly, encountering a snake hill expensive place, the soldiers have to use all his strength. Middle of the night, all sweating like bathing, gradually calloused hands bloody.

"There's a rainy night, we have to be immersed in water, hands, helmets to keep dirt and water to pour out. Tense as MoFalcon no despair, "said the veteran, and said strengthening trenches than one unit he served, which is also being implemented across the front.

Trencher troops where consolidation, disguise it. However, if the trenches stretched for dozens of kilometers, near the base of the enemy, there is no way to cover the eyes of the French. We desperately used artillery and air bombardment of the day and night, and sent troops to the battlefield near leveled and mined to prevent d & # 39; etnamskih troops Ming dig.

"Harvesting time is also time we fought. If the French troops to fill the battlefield us, brother to dig again, and organized military fought back. Many of my comrades who died in the hands of another still holding hoes and shovels, "he said Mieu.

If at the beginning of training in order to avoid enemy detection, soldiers should be dug, and then when a little deeper digging can sit, then stand peach. These ditches every day a long reach, such as pythons, like ticks leans over the French base. But more and more control, the French, as a fever, were trying to prevent. Two opposing sides, each meter trenches at Dien B & # 39; yen.

Soldiers under Denbny trenches. image data

Soldiers under Denbny trenches. The image data.

In addition to a channel in the & # 39; etnam army also cracked the tunnel in order to reduce the distance to travel in order to avoid holidays, avoid enemy artillery morning. Cleft tunnel located along the main road meters high, paved branch camouflage, large enough to accommodate three people lie. After a night of ditches, fight back block is assigned to get the rice, drinking water, recreation on vacation tunnel cracks.

After capturing the peak D1, D2, D3, E1, V & # 39; etnam Min difficulty rating A1 hill. French command bunker here & # recess 39 is very solid and around which the layer thickness of the barbed wire 4 m 1 m with two tanks protected. Every 20 meters, we put a permanent bunker, bunker on each of the two machine-guns, "said the cross-wing," the bombing of the race. On the palate, different plane 4-5 Test bombing, shooting. So many times he employed Mieu block half the mountain, but were knocked out by an opponent. Both sides of each land competed centimeter, each part of the trenches on the hill A1.

"Face it, the commander of the company decided to use alternatives basement should be taken destroy entrenched on the hill A1. Section I of the brigade and sappers tasked to dig a tunnel from my position is expected arrival of the enemy bunker, "he said Mieu.

At this time, every soldier receives a pickaxe, a folding shovel to do the task. Dan Ben April rainy, gray sky the color of lead, a heavy rain for several days, but the soldiers still carefully dig. Due to the very solid ground and tough hill A1 Mieu and teammate, so he took three nights to dig a tunnel opening. The more you dig deep inside, the soldiers more and more difficult to breathe because there is no air. Many people died because of asphyxia. Before this situation, young twenties he was thinking about how to knit fan, air blower inside to continue.

Difficulties piled tunnel is scheduled for 7 days to more than expected. Soldiers took 12 days to dig about 33m until it hits the hard rock underground suspect was. This time, he was ordered Mieu and the team dug a niche at the end of the tunnel to contain explosives.

"Then we will transport the explosives in place. Each packet of explosive weight of 20 kg, in one night, we did not move 960 kg until the end of the tunnel. To accomplish this task, there are 41 of my teammates permanent lie far, "choked veteran.

1954/05/06 night, explosive blocks shattered, destroying the enemy next to a big team. Shelf 174 A1 then occupied the entire database within a few hours.

Veterans who have concluded, on the Dien B & # 39 fight; yen, bdeny that the digging of trenches, the military in the & # 39; etnam was an outpost of the enemy was divided, cut distribution centers and the separation of the south, to put the base and the headquarters of them within sight of artillery and mortars.

When entering into a phase of 3 companies have been reinforced trenches digging invasion, digging mole trenches slip under the barbed wire pressed blockhouse French troops and allow our troops to move during the day, all of a sudden out of the trenches for the purposes of promoting the enemy within. The total length of the trenches in the Dien Bien Phu is estimated at 200,000 km.

Date 1954/07/05, In & # 39; etnam Ming took all the important high point in the East, making its way into the corporate headquarters entrenched. 17:30 the same day, the direction of an offensive attack on the French headquarters, captured General de Castries and all advisory bodies corporate base, ending the victory of Dien Bien Phu Company.

General Vo Nguyen Giap has purses, the trench system of the corporation was the second mobile base following the French group strongly rooted. The only difference is that while we are constantly moving, click each "vein" hedgehog Dien Bien Phu, the French passive coping poorly, if he could not suppress the trenches we are increasingly found development.

Poet Huu then also recreate the hardships and sacrifices of soldiers Dien B & # 39; yen in the poem: «Hooray Dien Bien soldiers / Soldier Heroes / First firing of fire safety / Fifty-six days and nights, carved mountains, sleeping tunnel, rain, rice extractor / young mixing blood dirt / Gan unburned / Chi Sun wear ".

After successive defeats on the battlefield, at the end of 1953 the French troops parachute into Dien Bien Phu pool, occupy all the high points in the wide valley, and then construction conglomerate entrenched Inter made to "pacify Indochina." The group consists of 49 Based on 8 clusters in accordance with the 3 areas: north, south and center. Each outpost capable of independent defense, with the combat system solid and strong firepower. There are two airports Muong Thanh and ready to supply the needs of Isabel and assistance by air.

French force Denbenfu called combat Northwest army consists of 12 battalion infantry and airborne two battalion howitzer 105mm (24 persons), 2 battalion mortars 120mm (20 persons), 1 155mm artillery excellent team (4 people), one tank company 18 tonnes (10 pcs) and one squadron (17 aircraft). Nave – the overall commander of the French expeditionary army generals and senior French and American corporations are estimated at Dien Bien Phu was "impregnable fortress".

The French occupied the key positions, have taken control of airspace management and the mountains around Muong Thanh pool & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay problem for the military in B & # 39; etname. However, the Politburo decided to open the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, spanking decisive victory to end the war against the French invasion.

In contrast to the previous campaign has struck a small fortification, the company beat the Dien Bien Phu solid, large-scale nature of the battlefield. Thus, the team can not get there, and then went for a night, but should remain, face long, it is necessary to mobilize the approach under fire day and night, in turn, enthusiastically each goal, and then hold the siege and assault on the next target . To do this, the key issue is to create a system of combat and siege advancing solid.

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