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U23 Asian berths in 2020 to help teachers and students to leave the qualifying Park


photo 1The coach park is also a lot of trouble today, and to SEA Games 30

U23 highlights

Not only the most impressive victory in the history of confrontation with the Thai people and win tickets to the 2020 UEFA U23 Asia spectacular, U23 In the & # 39; etnam journey that has undergone a lot left a strong impression.

Firstly, how to operate the tactical scheme. From the familiar 3-4-3, coach Park is a harmonious version of 3-4-1-2, putting Quang Hai backoffice midfield will head the next 2 Hoang So and So Tignes. This game shows how surprisingly effective U23 4 goals in Thailand. Of course, the change depends on the people, but at least it showed the user level, which is the strategist of the Koreans.

In addition, Mr. Park also manifested with cool new game. Many players in the form of potential and few people know the name, as well as Tan Sinh Hung Trieu In the & # 39; etnam Hoang Duc Thanh Son … has grown, come a long way in your car & # 39; EASURES in this tournament. Previously, only the U23 in the & # 39; etnam Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong Quang Hai … but now, the next group of players have shown their potential to replace older people. See The & # 39; etnam Hung, Hoang So play it is easy to forget CUN Phuong, Van Toan … and more confidence in the team's abilities far.

photo 2

Master Park was headache

But for the smile of victory in qualifying, headaches, and anxiety that the coach Park Hang-Seo just realized. It is no coincidence that he had signed the Council, to talk about the "problem" of foreign soldiers prefers excessively in V-League clubs, as well as in the first division.

"The V-League is currently problematic, 2 foreign soldiers last year in the competition this year, but increased up to 3 people. V-League is currently 70-80% are foreign soldiers drummer, if you continue like this, then we get into a good inner striker. I watched Danang – Viettel saw two foreign soldiers and so Tignes stone sun striker no chance. We need to think about, with & # 39 is the use of multiple foreign striker then affects both in the & # 39; etnam football "- Mr Park immediately.

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This fact is not known ever to erase in & # 39; etname. So Ha Tinh played very well in the U23 Tel coat color, shot in Thailand, but remain committed to the preparatory department of Danang. That is a scenario that many other players face U23. In addition the group Hanoi FC players (Quang Hai Van Hau Thanh Chung, Thai), most of them will return to the club, to fight wars, to find the stone tank.

wine club this? It's hard to say yes, because teams have their own goals, championship, expulsion … They need to be, "Mr. West" thick, strong, incessant plowing to do it. The club does not have any obligation to help the national team and that is the military forged a gap I do not know, by the time when it can clog. If players courtyard in the V-league, experience less war, qualifications grow slowly and may even gradually thwarted cases. that's what makes the coach Park headache for a period of now to the SEA Games 30. Obviously, then when we reached the peak in Southeast Asia, a regional gold medal of the Congress the idea of ​​"easy to & # 39; is", but very difficult.

Huynh Tan Defender birth: "Mr. Park has helped me to make progress every day"

"I face many difficulties in adapting to the tactics of coach Park Hang-Seo for the first time when he built midfielder scheme 3, inclined to control the ball. My previous habit of waving a long ball up. I said to myself, if you want to keep, they should be changed every day, and through it has helped me to change, to improve themselves. In situations fixed in two against Brunei and Indonesia, Mr. Park wanted the midfielder to join the 3 attacks against Thailand, depending on the situation, that people who do not. I and the team has 3 goals of this strategy. "

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