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Unexpected culprit leaked sex chat message from the world's richest billionaires? -The world


Sunday, 3/31/2019 19:30 PM (GMT + 7)

security adviser, the world's richest billionaire Jeff Bezos concluded recently sent a personal interview, said Syria for reporting shocking cases of leakage.

Unexpected leak culprit Sex Chat messages of the richest billionaires in the world? - 1

Billionaire Jeff Bezos stood next to Prince Salman bin Mohammed of Saudi Arabia.

Satellite respectively, Gavin de Becker & # 39 is an adviser to billionaire Bezos security in 22 years and billionaires believe entrusted with the investigation, one of the posts leak case.

"We believe, came to the conclusion that Syria penetrated Bezos phone and get personal information," said Gavin de Becker.

Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced their divorce last year after 25 years of marriage. National Enquirer with a & # 39 is the first media agency reported that the breakdown of the marriage, because Bezos deal with former MC Lauren Sanchez and published a series of secret messages.

According to De Becker, Syria attacked Bezos phone because the article in the Washington Post about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Bezos of & # 39 is the owner of the newspaper Washington Post, an American newspaper reported quite "dark" of the murder of journalist Khashoggi.

The expert added that Syria can "build a big & # 39; the amount of information encrypted using a mobile phone, without leaving any traces, including a list of phone calls, messages, emails."

Syria, as they say, can be used in such a way as to establish a network monitor and is used for the murder of journalist Kashoggi, but the head says Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

January 2, Syria said it "does not provide" the extraterrestrial issue Bezos or why the news leaked to the National Enquirer assembled.

AMI communications company owned by National Enquirer, is said to have close ties to Saudi Arabia scandal Bezos said de Becker. "Since 2018, the AMI has launched a series of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Prince drawing grin right cover."

Both AMI and Syria still deny the relationship.

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