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Verdict Liverpool vs Tottenham football, 22:30 Day 31/3: Return to top


Verdict Liverpool vs Tottenham football, 22:30 Day 31/3: Return to top

These days, as Liverpool and Tottenham are strongly influenced by the national team match series, while many pillars of the two teams back to the fatigue and even injury, as the service team.

Liverpool side, right-back Alexander Arnold Trent ago, Anfield with back pain, and doctors fighting hard with the players of England hope to recover quickly in the match against Tottenham.

Meanwhile, midfielder Shakira and Naby Keita worse injury and, of course, can not play. While Tottenham also lost midfielder Dyer England players and Ore Shore player Ivory in this match because of similar reasons.

In the context of many other pillars that have been injured, the 'FIFA virus' make the team raging should redouble their efforts if they want to score good results in this game. However, in terms of effort, it seems that the efforts of Liverpool for the last time more effectively bring much more than Tottenham.

Anfield team had 12 consecutive games undefeated in all competitions, they have won all 3 recent games marked with a convincing victory with a 3-1 Bayern Munich to win tickets to the Champions League quarterfinals.
Liverpool beat Tottenham in the first match as

Liverpool beat Tottenham in the first match as

Tottenham also won the German team Dortmund other at this time. Unfortunately, this is the only positive imprint that the London team created last month. For external victory over Dortmund, male coach Pochettino has lost 3 and drew 1 in 4 games with Prem & # 39; EPAM League next 23/2 hours.

Not just giants such as Chelsea beat Tottenham new, even the purpose of the relegation zone team as Burnley are now dumped the Spurs.

Courage, it seems that the biggest problem with Tottenham. They & # 39 are the points earned for the second internal confrontation Big Six in the premiership & # 39; er League this season, only 7 points, just above each of Manchester United.

This is all the more surprising when you know that Liverpool with & # 39 is the second most points in the battle "civil war" Big Six with 13 points. In particular, the contribution of the Spurs as they lost to Liverpool with a score of 1-2 at home in the first leg.

The relationship between these two teams was wider than the distance between their rank on the chart 2. Tottenham are in a recession stage, one might even say that the freefall that one of the main reasons forcing a fine. Coach Pochettino this season is not worth the extra recruits, because the club a new stadium was built devotes money.

At the same time, Liverpool was still strong enough to overcome the storm of injuries and problems with busy schedule in the hand thanks to the coach Klopp has a rich strength. Over 12 games unbeaten in recent times, a number of Liverpool attacking Salah even disappointment.

But it does not stop Liverpool won 7 victories, because there were other attackers as Firmino, Manet, or even timely midfielder Van Dyke said.

Seamless stars did together to beat Tottenham in the first match, and is likely to stand again knocked the Spurs. Will be like in Liverpool this time, the only winner is the only thing that exists only.


Liverpool: Shakira, Kate, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gomez is absent due to injury.

Tottenham: Gyor, Aurier, winks and Walker-Peters absent due to injury.

Liverpool won the Asian bond 5-7 Tottenham welcome the last time.

Liverpool won the Asian bond in the next 5/8 home games in the Prem & # 39; er League.

Tottenham lost the Asian bond on 3 trips to the past in the premiership & # 39; er League.


Consciousness of the match, goals

4/7 nearest confrontation between the two sides Prem & # 39; ep league going to faint. 3/4 final match Tottenham have only a maximum of 2 goals per game. Most likely, the fight would be closed with two goals or less.

available commands

Confront the last 10 games in the Prem & # 39; er League

Prediction: 2-0


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