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Viewing will 2019 Honda Civic RS open sale in the & # 39; etname


RS 2019 Honda Civic Honda Vietnam will be open from April jointly sell two versions of the standard. Currently, the cost of this option has not yet announced, but Honda has 400 customer deposits.

From May 4/2019, Honda Civic will have an additional RS version for consumer choice. This option is already open for sale in Thailand for quite a long time before, but this new Honda in & # 39; etnam imported to expand consumer choice. Currently, the price of Civic RS has not been announced, but it has more than 400 customer deposits.


RS (Road sailing) is the spirit of sport and constantly win the challenge Honda. Thus, there is Civic 1.5 RS is distinguished from other versions like sporty design, excitement and a sense of control of many technologies. In addition, RS also add a new red version. Vehicles equipped with a turbo 1.5L VTEC Turbo capacity of 170 horsepower and a maximum torque of 220 Nm.


In addition to updating the functions and inter & # 39; a career, a new version of the Honda Civic there is a change in the design ekster & # 39; EPA: offset steering matte black with RS logo, wheels 18 inches durable, reliable, spoiler wind sports … In addition, modernization Civic set to add some new features: Starting remote controls, air conditioning, two independent zones …

RS 2019 is equipped with systems and sensor systems Sensing Honda supports safe driving. Includes: adaptive cruise control systems support the right lane, the system alerts and warnings are outside the lane. All versions are equipped with electronic balance system, ABS, EBD, emergency stop signal a new, rear-view camera, and 4 airbags.


About the furniture, the car offers an entertainment system with 7-inch touch-screen navigation system, 8 speaker sound system. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with adjustable power driver's seat 8-way, power passenger seat adjustment 6 direction, daytime running lights, LED lights. RS has inter & # 39; er with red stitching line is highlighted.


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