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We halted in anticipation of "waves"


First Ho Chi Minh City Region: em for "recovery wave" - ​​1

Many land for sale on the sea of ​​oil was set next to a piece of land in Long Hoa, Can Gio

Information leakage before the giant real estate (property), large, one of the quietest areas of Ho Chi Minh City has planned investments Gio crisis.

"Winter break" Temporary access point?

In fact, the area of ​​the island fell on investors' money to buy and "jack fields" in the "wave" of investors are waiting for a new urban infrastructure from the time before.

As a seeker asked rented a house for the birds nest, the way questions about the ability to invest, if given the opportunity, land broker in the region, only to write a series of coastal land FRONTAGE sea crashing in the domestic weaving between houses. Broker named Chen said: "The owners of the land have all gone, now that the touch is always burn your hands. High prices. However, if you decide to buy many more chances. Provision of investment in infrastructure, and pours, all areas will increase in stages from 2-3 times more. "

Also in accordance with this broker, the Gio, is now profitable to earn "good ground", not to mention close to Khan Binh ferry near or close to the place where the sea breeze took less than 20 million / m 2, it is impossible. "I do not think this area is a quiet land, coexistence, lower price. Somewhere heard many people buy land hugging the bank loans now bargain sale of cut losses, but frankly cheap hunting background delicious on & # 39; ads are no absolute guarantees. "

This coastal area is considered one of the hottest spots of the future of real estate and resort real estate in Ho Chi Minh City. As planned tourism urban class and internationally, each land of the island of Binh Khan, An Thoi Dong, Long Hoa, Can Thanh, Ly Non … all will be worth more than gold legs, from the standpoint of the actual price of the transaction costs and conversion.

Still smoldering "wave" of new expectations

Not only Gio, in many areas, especially in eastern and southern regions, where there has been a segment of land fever in the first few months of 2018, signs of silence "in a special way." This is not surprising, but the forecast from the front of investors and management consulting, and land prices continue to rise, there are areas that are excessively and the market should "stop speed" to get power restored.

Expert assessment, other segments, such as apartments can have the following phase adjustment price "bubble" or fever overheating. In fact, the ground segment consists of townhouses and villas, brothel houses, and general characteristics of most products, as investors stuck stubbornly price. Because Villa, urban centers have been pushed too high, that the performance, location, use value unsuitable for living space. Typically region of Binh Duong New City or urban areas with housing construction were abandoned coarse grass grows.

In addition, the credit for long-term loans with a narrower field of real estate, as well as braking resistor caused pockets of investors to look "carefully and wait for the market to & # 39 is a clear signal. In general, this time the accumulation of assets can be calculated plan is selected soil for long-term goals and not psychological paws, ran home to buy land, people flock brokerage, sale of land, as in the past.

Same Duong Thuy Dung, forecasts & # 39; etnam of CBRE, focus on the development of new supply to the market townhouses and villas available TP. HCM is located in the coastal zone between the city and a straw assembly. HCM Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Long An. If ever the market will "peak" on the outskirts, to continue clearing the land, is not difficult to predict the future supply will gradually be investors to create areas with the new price level, after infrastructure and to increase the value of the goods.

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