Monday , April 12 2021

Alex Bergman and Trevor Bauer talking smack on Twitter

In the early stages of the off-season can make for some sad days, but did not say that Alex Bregman and Trevor Bauerthey supported entertaining Competition throughout the season in 2018, and even though the ball is gone for the year, beef has not.

It all started when challenged Bauer on Twitter for other attackers to help keep yourself in shape … with the added incentive:

Bergman saw and know how to react.

If Bauer called him soft, Bergman was a clip of his homer Alds Bauer ready.

Throw to Bregman. He knows how to actually increased competition speed.

Bauer's right – perhaps the form of beef will be released in video format. Fingers crossed.

In any case, the next game the Astros-Indians on the chart in April 25. We already have the date circled in our calendar.

Andrew Mearns writer for Cut4 which baseball obsession was born from the broken dreams of a perfect game Mike Mussina attempt in 2001. He has an amazing memory of the World Series emphasizes that barely functions as a party trick.

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