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Ariel comes to the rescue in BOSS


Black Rhinos 1 – 1 Jam
Goalkeeper Ariel Sibanda came to the aid of the Highlanders after pulling off some important saves and converting the second half penalty that rescued a point for the Bulawayo giants in their budding Castle Lager Prem & # 39; EPA League against Black Rhinos in the National Sports Stadium yesterday.

Having survived some early scares from visitors, black rhinos led early through a blow well taken close range Moses Demera in the 33rd minute, but 68 minutes into the SIBANDA converted penalty secured share of the spoils.

Gorka coach Madinda Ndlovu, whose pre-season training the team plunged into chaos after a devastating shot of unpaid wages said he was satisfied with a point, as a defeat would put his players under pressure from the fans.

"From where we go as the Highlanders, I think it's really something to be proud of, coming to a point in this game. We had quite a few problems in the past, I think that we really have not developed the tactics of the team, but the fight goes and visiting goal down to rescue a point that we should pay tribute to the guys for », Ndlovu said.

"The main focus was to try not to lose this game so that we protect players from our beloved fans. You know how it is when players behave like this and lose the game. This would put them under intense pressure from the fans, "he said.

Black Rhinos coach Hebert felt Maruwa share of the spoils was a fair result in the end.

"I thought it was a good game from the boys and even the Highlanders did well, especially in the second half. We know that the first game is always difficult, especially if you bring in the new guys to try new combinations, but at the end of the day, the fact is good enough for us, "said Maruwa.

Despite the problems off the field, the Mountaineers have created the best chances early on with a shot close range Tinashe Makanda in blocked Bruce Homora in the seventh minute, before Mbekezeli Sibanda made Ashley ~ d Reyners in creating an excellent save four minutes.

Rhinos had to wait until close to the half-hour mark to cut its first significant chance of the match when curling Freekick Tinashe SIBANDA from the left brilliantly saved by Ariel diving while gifts Saunyama inexplicably sent his head at close range.

Army Party has made a calculation of the period after the dominant Demera closed on a loose ball inside the box to complete the counter attacking move.

Former player Gorka Meysimba Mambar almost twice ahead five minutes before the break, but its growth was led shost far goalline by Mbekezeli.

Ariel Bosso was also provided in the contest five minutes after the restart after diving full stretch to his right to deny Wellington Taderera.

It is important to save proved crucial as he went to grab the equalizer for Bosso in the 68th minute.

Highlanders were penalties after Tafadzwa Jaravani handled the ball inside the box, when the shot is replaced by the Zambian striker Peter Nyirenda came to leave his post before hitting his arm.


Black Rhinos: a Rayners, T Jaravani, F Banda A Tandem In Homora, W Kapinda (A Gahadzikwa, 80 & # 39;), G Saunyama, W Taderera, T Sibanda, M Mambare (F Zekumbawira, 77 & # 39; ) M Demera

Jam: A Sibanda, M Phiri, in Banda, C Kapupurika (P oak, 53 & # 39;), N Masuko, G Makaruse (A Silla, 77 & # 39;), A Mbeba, P Muduhwa, M Sibanda, D Khumalo (P Nyirenda, 53 '), M Sibanda.

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