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Bacon donut stick to help return McDonald to form


Americans with taste of bacon and donuts helped McDonald's return to form in the United States, as a network of fast food restaurants serving up fatter sales on the domestic market in the conditions of competition in the fast food market.

McDonald's business in the US in recent quarters lag behind other developed markets, companies, including the UK. Pricing competition was tough and chain behind during lunch.

However, data released Tuesday showed domestic like-for-like sales of McDonald's rose 4.5 percent during the first three months of 2019 – almost twice as fast as the previous quarter. Across the group, they were up 5.4 percent, led by Britain and France.

Shares in the period included a limited release Donut Sticks and Big Mac Bacons, and two things-for- $ 5 offer.

McDonald was redecorating their outlets and installation of features such as easy-to-use tablets to win over customers in the fierce market of fast food.

Steve Easterbrook, chief executive, said: "Our sustainable implementation gives us confidence that our strategy is working."

Revenue fell 4 percent to $ 4.96bn, while net profit dipped by 3 per cent to $ 1.33bn, difficult foreign currency and, as the company shifted more of their own points of persuasion franchise.

Diluted earnings per share of $ 1.72 were flat with the previous year, although they were up 5 percent, providing rates were constant.

McDonald's shares were up 3 percent in pre-market trading.

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