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BPS and BLACKPINK only K-Pop acts on the World Digital Song Sales Chart


The leading group of boy and girl controls more than two-thirds of the schedule of April 27.

For nearly ten years, the Korean attacks became more and more presence billboardDiagram «s World Digital Song sales this week shows how much muscle of its two leading groups is in America. With less than a dozen overall K-pops songs entering the chart in 2010 to BTS and BLACKPINK capture the majority of the schedule this week will be a real feast food K-pop acts – in particular, the two – have among the world music genres in America.

In the graph World Digital Song sales from April 27, 2019, BPS claim 11 points on the tag, sending all seven of the new Map of the Soul: Persona No. spots in 1-7 in the diagram. In addition to new songs, the former BPS singles are also on the schedule with "the MIC Drop" with Desiigner (at number 16), "Idol" featuring Nicki Minaj (№ 17), "Fake Love" (number 18) and "DNA" (№ 25).

At the same time, BLACKPINK occupy six spots on the label this week. Three songs from their recently released Kill this love EP remain in the graph of the second week (led title track 8 n), and the last three singles «Ddu-Du-Du Ddu» (in № 11) member BLACKPINK Jenny «Solo» single (no. 20) and "Boombaya" (№ 22).

In general, this means that the BPS and BLACKPINK took more than 17 of the 25 seats on the World Digital Song sales this week. For comparison, the graph in the last week there were 16 K-pop songs, but was made up of a mixture of artists, including BLACKPINK and BPS, but MAMAMOO, Card, (G) I-DLE, homeless children and EVERGLOW. The previous two weeks in April and had the same number of different K-pop acts.

To date, the BTS is in the number 1s on the World Digital Songs with 11 Mate rhinestones, as a first drive with «Fire» in 2016 and more recently with "The Boy with Luv» with Halsey. BLACKPINK earned five to date, as well as the first impact on the top of the charts with «Boombaya» in 2016 and with «Kill This Love.» Last week, two groups have one member who went top with solo singles after J-Hope " Daydream "Jenny" Solo "and the hit number 1 in the past year.

In total, with two new albums just released within a week of each other, chart World Digital Song sales this week shows not only how BPSA and BLACKPINK leading K-pop charge of the US market, but they do it with the results, who see the growing, sustained interest in them discography with elevators for its new and past material.

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