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Brenda Muntemba: Zambian diplomat appointed Unicef ​​to empower girls and women


Praise as a humble Christian who wanted to help the less fortunate, the diplomat Brand Muntemba was a leading public figure in Zambia. A former police officer, Muntemba, rose through the ranks to become his country's ambassador to Kenya.

Born in the city of Kitwe to Bradley Chesters Muntemba and Hilary Kalenga, Brand Chipowe Muntemba was the second of three girls. Her father was an officer in the police service in Zambia, which acts as a commander in the central provinces of the country. Her mother was a member of the Mung & # 39 Commission; omba Constitution, which in 2001 replaced the Mwanakatwe Commission in 1996 and was charged with writing a new constitution.

Muntemba, who grew up in the Zambian capital Lusaka, Zambia, graduated from the University with a BA in French and Economics in 1993. After graduation, she worked as a teacher in high school for two years before you walk in the footsteps of his father to join the police service in 1996 she was later a master's degree in translation from the University Marc Bloch in Strasbourg. She also studied management schemes, which are held both in the American and British authorities.

Muntemba was Zambian police spokesman from 2002 to 2006, during which the British satirist Roy Clark was arrested and nearly deported after calling the then president, Levy Mwanawasa elephant.

In 2004, she was talking with the World Service BBC about domestic violence on the African continent; she could see economic empowerment as key to improving the lives of women.

At the time, 80 percent of Zambians live below the poverty line and the average life expectancy is only 35 years old, and one in 10 people living with HIV. Today, 60 percent below the poverty line, while HIV affects 14.3 percent of adults).

During his tenure as a representative of the police, Unicef ​​Muntemba assigned as a role model for the education of girls. Muntemba was captured on women's rights and published four books of motivation: off duty (2011), a collection of poems and philosophical reflection; retrospectively (2013) and secrets Unveiled (2016), which set out to empower women and girls; and architectWhich celebrates its relationship with God.

Muntemba four motivational books published, designed to empower young women (YouTube / Faith Expression)

Explaining its ethos, she once said: "Each of us is unique, as usual, as some may think himself the task of each of us to reveal our full potential before you reach the finish line. We must give our life for everyone. "

In 2011 Muntemba was appointed Commissioner of Police for the Southern Province of Zambia. A year later, she spent some time as commissioner of operations prior to transmission to the Office of the Cabinet of President Michael Sata.

The Ministry of Education, it became the main program officer, Zambia to UNESCO.

In 2015 Muntemba joined the diplomatic service and became High Commissioner in Kenya, Zambia, in April this year. She was also the permanent representative of the Office of the & # 39; the United Nations Office at Nairobi, with jurisdiction covering the Republic of South Sudan, the State of Eritrea and the Republic of Seychelles. Meeting Denis Faure, President of the Seychelles in 2017, Muntemba said about the relationship between the two countries: "If you have peace, you do not keep it to yourself, you distribute it."

Muntemba married Reverend Sulanji Andrew Sichilembe in 2006, the church was a big part Muntemba life, and she was ordained as a pastor in 2012, their free time, she loved to sing – she wrote and made a series of songs – and was incomplete radio broadcaster for the Christian Voice and radio Phoenix.

Returning to the meeting Nairobi, 26 February Muntemba car was involved in a head-on collision with a trailer on the highway Mombasa-Nairobi. She died a week later at the age of 49 Muntemba survived by her husband, which is about the & # 39; showed a foundation to create in her honor, and her children Mwango Kondolo and Lukundo Nachilembe.

Brenda Muntemba, diplomat and writer, was born on July 2, 1970, died March 19, 2019

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