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Child playing Casts Mark Hamill As Chucky


There is another iconic character for Mark Hamill to add to your resume. The man behind Luke Skywalker The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, and a long list of other heroes and villains found his next role murderous doll Chucky in the remake of the film Play baby horror.

The news was revealed during playback WonderCon panel child with a pre-recorded video with Hamill, in which he talked about his excitement to take psychopathic toy. Casting news even other movie actors who only spoke about his participation in the project before they walked on stage. Obreyte Plaza, who plays in the movie, joked that she bequeathed it to what's going on, killing Chuck lightsaber during filming.

Regarding the role of Hamill in the children's game, it is still recording the dialogue producer Seth Grahame-Smith hinted. "In order to have a rethink icon iconic character an incredible gift," said the producer. "He took on this task with a lot of energy and really come to a very serious & # 39;. Ozna" The actor himself teased the news comes in a tweet a day before the official reveal.

Of course, this is not the first voice work in Hamill. In addition to his aforementioned Batman: The Animated Series turn as the Joker, he did vote for the TV show, as the SWAT Kats, Adventure Time and Ultimate Spider-Man.

The panel also includes some new footage from the child's game, which featured a young boy (Gabriel Bateman) tries to convince his mother (Plaza), that his toy doll came to life and was, in fact, the killer. Of course, if you know anything about the child's game franchise, you should be able to guess what followed much carnage as Chuckie tried to kill his mother and her son.

Child's play also stars Brian Henry Tyra and Tim Matheson. It hits theaters on June 21.

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