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Clear allows you to easily convert videos from podcasts to viral videos – TechCrunch


IOS app popular podcasts Clearly wants to make it easier for people to share clips of their favorite shows via social media. This feature is likely to be well received by podcasters seek to expand the audience of his show, as they used to be limited to share their podcast by reference or audio only fragments, for the most part. The solution is clear, meanwhile, allows anyone to share any audio or video podcast from any public, the company said in a & # 39; in reality.

This means that fans of the show can get in on the action – giving their favorite podcast viral push, pushing it on social media, where it could reach new listeners.

To use video sharing function in the overcast, first click on the "share" in the upper right corner of the application. You can select any audio clip or a portrait, landscape or square video. In the video editing interface, which is a & # 39; is, you can find and select the audio clip that you want to share. Clips can be up to one minute in length, the company said.

A variety of video formats designed to appeal to those set task of marketing a podcast through social media – including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or – where supported video aspect ratio may differ. In addition, podcasts, marketers will be able to remove the cloudy branding of the total clip to give it a more professional look.

A new feature rain competes with existing tools for marketing audio via social media – such as those with Wavve, cladding, Spotify and others belonging to the anchor, including, possibly, Soundcloud. Some of these services offer a signature and that podcasters prefer the clips in the cloudy.

But unlike other competing instruments, especially exchange clip cloudy with a & # 39; is not intended only for podcast creators and marketers – it is for the audience too.

Of course, it can also be a problem. Students who have a vested could pull a clip that is Podcaster in a bad light – perhaps taking what they said out of context, in the hope of producing social media turmoil. Or maybe they just catch Podcaster on a bad day to say something dumb. Small flaws, which in the past might have been missed, can now be used against podcasters, because these viral videos is so easy to create and share.

Time will tell whether this feature will be made and how it is used, or if the idea makes its way to the other applications to be more standard.

According to founder Mark Clear Arment, clip sharing feature was inspired by the observation of a podcast UNCO Steven Hackett, where the issue was discussed in more detail.

In addition to launching clips, page sharing overcast and received a small update, too. He now has the icons of other applications, podcasts, and RSS feed in a podcast for any show listed in Apple's Podcasts.

"It's important for me to promote other applications, such as it is, and make it easy even for other people's customers to benefit from the features of the exchange overcast, because there is a much greater threat than let other podcast applications with an open ecosystem to get more and more users, "said Arment.

that "Much greater threat" comment refers to the new trend of the podcast "exclusive" – ​​like the ones in the world, or Spotify, which are not available to the public. One could argue that this is not the podcasts in the strict sense of the word – they have an audio program.

sharing clips feature takes the opposite position. Podcasts This feature helps promote a & # 39 are open and accessible to the public – and now all of the content within each episode more affordable, too.

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