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Director EndGame say they are proud of how "on" it


Note: This story includes some spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

despite some inclusive moments, many fans argue that Avengers: EndGame not quite far enough in diversity.

We talked about the fact that the film is not his female characters, and another time, which showed the first openly LGBTQ + Marvel character is considered by some to be … well, they want to break.

Anthony and Joe Russo

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The last scene in question involves a gay man in a session of therapy (by co-director Anthony Russo) with Captain America, who at the time as a positive step, it seems very small.

However, the leaders said Entertainment Weekly they are proud of the way "on" BOOM it, noting the great successes achieved with such black panther.

"That's what I think we are most proud of the Marvel Universe, is moving forward as it is turned on," said Joe Russo.

Avengers: EndGame, Don Cheadle, Karen Gillan, Nebula

Marvel Studios

"Presentation of us is very important for us. we cast [Anthony Mackie as] Falcon. we cast [Chadwick Boseman as] Black Panther. We have introduced both of these characters in the universe, and it was important for us.

"If we were going to do four of these films, we wanted to include gay before we did. We also would like to do so in a way that felt normal, I do not feel that we are making a big deal of it. We wanted to make sure he felt organic.

"And I think the fact that I played the character of this assertion, as the creators of the film, too. This is for anyone who is gay, to know that we support you and we want our stories to be as much as possible.

"Everyone has the right to see themselves on the screen."

Anthony added: "I think that we have given to the importance of this only through our experience doing these movies sides, Having these films all over the world, interacting with fans and simply recognizing the immense diversity of people who identify themselves with these films.

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"It is simply stunning, in different cultures, each spectrum in every culture, every age group, only the number of people, number of people that these films have become important. We felt that we should be more active and inclusive, with a view to addressing this entire fan base. "

"And frankly, these films travel to markets that have problems with this kind of performance," Joe continued Anthony, saying that "it makes it even more significant."

Avengers: EndGame it now.

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