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Foreigners are given a month to leave South Africa


According to a report circulating on social networks, foreigners living in South Africa, legally or illegally given a month to leave the country and return to their country of origin.

The message warns that those who did not leave during the grace period will face xenophobic attacks since May 13th a week after the elections were held.

Crafter messages showed that they are asking the government to fight off the alien, but the government has been ignoring.

Message comes at a time when South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has issued a call to all South Africans to stop xenophobic attacks fellow Africans.

Read the full text of the message below:

For all foreigners in South Africa

We give you a month to collect all that you bag and leave South Africa, if you have a work permit or not. Just wait until we vote on May 8th, then on Monday, May 13th we will close the road, stopping all taxis every foreign nationals will be treated accordingly.

What happened in KZN only highlights of what we will do on May 13. We are kind enough to give you more than a month to go and pack your in your countries peacefully.

We will stop all cars are taxis, buses, trains, we will enter the jobs contract websites, security websites, seaching each Anyone found without a South African ID will be considered mercylessly.

It was long ago we sent our request to the government, but it seems to have ignored our request, we will now have to deal with it in its own way.

YES PLEASE warned and DO AS I SAY AND SAVE YOUURSELF And your family & # 39; and

Do not say we did not warn you. YOUR PACKAGE and return to your country. We do not want any KWEREKWERES ANYMORE, we are tired, enough is enough!

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