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How to change the name on the iPhone


Do you have your iPhone a unique name? If you're lucky, it may be something already half personalized as «iPhone Dave."

Or, if you're unlucky, it may be as common as they come – just something like «iPhone». This may be good most of the time, but let's say you're trying to find your iPhone on Find My iPhone, and phone & # 39 is one of several in your family & # 39; and everyone called «iPhone». Success, trying to figure out who is.

There are several other reasons to establish a name. Maybe you want your name to include your name as «iPhone Dave", or perhaps you want to improve your privacy Sun including your name. Or maybe you just want your phone to be cute nickname, it only makes sense for you.

Whatever the reason, you can change the name of any IOS device – iPhone or IPad – with just a few taps. And do not worry about the consequences of changing the name of your phone – there really is not any.

If you change the name of the device, the update is almost instantaneous. You can immediately see the new name on ICloud, for example, and you'll never work a problem in which the application or device confused looking old name. And you can change the name as often as you like.

the name of your iPhone helps you define it in places such as Find My iPhone, ICloud, Itunes, and more.
Dave Johnson / Business Insider

Here's how to do it.

How to change the name of your iPhone

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Click "General" and then click "About."

Click the name of the current iPhone to change it to something else.
Dave Johnson / Business Insider

3. Click the "Name".

4. On the Name page, rename the unit to what you want and click "Finish".

Here it is – the name has now changed, and you will see that the change is reflected in any location using your phone's name.

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