Monday , April 12 2021

In the absence Hardik, who is injured, his brother Krunal makes its presence felt

By Chetan hole

We have not much to talk about cricket. Sometimes we make fun of each other – he mocked me when I went for the more than 50 works in Brisbane, "said Krunal Pandya, in fact, when asked about his younger brother, Hardik.

This is an amazing confession, given the way cricket is currently working deep in the family tree. With domestic cricket in the Indian premier & # 39; er League, and now in the international arena, household Pandya contributed two match-winners in the sport as in all the round shapes.

There is another coincidence herein. In the short time they have been associated with the Indian team as Hardik and Krunal become almost indispensable to the side limited overs. If we eliminate the injury (or vacation), try to remember the last time Hardik not enter the field. This is not an insignificant coincidence that when he was being a reckoning, Krunal got his chance and was not relegated to the bench even once during this series of three matches.

Why there is this question? Well, Krunal spanked for 55/0 in four frames in Brisbane T20I. There's not a lot of beginners who will survive this pressure, when the situation becomes difficult, especially if you have a combative captain. Virat Kohli known for crushing and change its gambling eleven different known and unknown reasons.

He caused a stir in the countless times with his logic ignores the elections. At this time he also put everyone in a difficult position – Kohli played in the same team in all three T20Is, neglecting conditions, logic and convention. And Krunal was a direct beneficiary of this decision.

"No matter what anyone says, if you slapped a 50-plus in the first game on Australian soil, it comes as a shock. You start to doubt yourself, and it was the same with me – it took a long time to overcome this disappointment. In a sense, Brisbane and Sydney are two extreme views. And I really wanted it to happen, so to say to myself that I belong at the international level. I am happy and relieved, "said Krunal on Sunday evening, after the victory fashioned evens series in India with trawling 4-36.

Uncertainty is a good thing, especially in sports. You never know when the conditions and the opposition will get you better. If Krunal, it was more of the situation than anything else. Over the last several years, he has been at the forefront of the call IPL Mumbai Indians. In particular, if the franchise has used one of his rightto-Matchbox cards at auctions and resumed his signature eye-watering of Rs 8.8 crore. Its base price? Rs 40 lakhs.

Indian players – especially those who can command and keep firstteam place – always at a premium in the IPL auction. But this is stretching it, even deep-pocket standards for Mumbai Indians. The main question is not about the money – it's like Krunal was / is central to their plans for the formation of a coherent T20 side that challenged for the trophy every season. It was just the price you pay for talent in full your side.

Despite these riches off the field and on the field of glory in the IPL, Indo draft took time to materialize. Even when breeders have obtained experimental variants with spin and miss Ravindra Zheyzha, Krunal forced to wait. And for a good reason – he does not cut it as a standalone spinners, and India does not need other spin all-rounder. Hardik, with his pace skill, served the purpose of taking into account the conditions expected for 2019 World Cup in England.

So why now Krunal side? On the one hand, the lack of Hardik to ensure balance and it can be seen in the manner Yuzvendra Chahal sat out the entire series T20I. Coley has never been a believer in the six options for bowling and always prefer AllRound element as a fifth bowler. You can see how the pieces are moved deliberately to give Krunal decent run, although experimental.

By his own admission, Brisbane and Sydney were the two extreme performances, and it remains to be seen, where the average curve between two Krunal stabilized. Even if he is closer to the walk of Sydney, it may not be enough to buy a plane ticket to the World Cup as the second all-rounder, especially leftarm spinner when Jadeja on the way back in the reckoning.

But by the time Hardik gets hurt, India needs a buffer in place. If one is not available Pandya to do with the other Pandya. Worth pondering, when it becomes the norm for Indian cricket go ahead.

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