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Janet Jackson, the Knicks enter the room with the promotion of women – Zimbabwe Mail


New York (AP) – Stevie Nicks, who became the first woman inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Janet Jackson, the last member of the Jackson clan to enter the hall, called for other women to join them in the music immortality on night they were awarded five all-male British bands.

Jackson released her challenge just before going on stage in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. "Rock 'n' roll," she said, "in 2020, brings the total more women."

Neither Jackson or the Knicks have been around in the late evening, when another Briton, Ian Hunter, led all cooking stars at the end to "all the young Dudes.» The Bangles & # 39; Susanna Hoffs was the only woman on stage.

At five o'clock in the ceremony, Bryan Ferry Roxy Music thanked several bassists and album cover designer of The Cure Robert Smith proudly wore mascara and red lipstick months before his 60th birthday, and two of the five members of Radiohead have trophies.

Joe Elliott

Inductee Joe Elliott from Def Leppard, left, speaks with Brian May of Queen, a rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

During the induction of Def Leppard, in Rick Allen was moved to tears the applause of the public, when the singer Joe Elliott recalled drummer tenacity after 1985 accident that cost him his hands.

Jackson took from her brother Michael and the Jackson 5 as conscripts. She said she wanted to go to college and become a lawyer is growing, but her late father Joe had other ideas for her.

"As the youngest in my family & # 39; and I decided to do it yourself," she said. "I was determined to stand on its own feet. But never have I been waiting a million years to go in their footsteps. "

She called Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the producers of her breakthrough album «Control» and most of its wide catalog, are in Barclays Center in Brooklyn, for recognition as well as a booster Kvestlav. She thanked Dick Clark "American Bandstand" and Don Cornelius' Soul Train "with his choreographers including Paul Abdullah.

There was a potential for uncomfortable vibes on Friday, as the event was relieves aired on TV NSO April 27 HBO angered some & # 39; and Jackson this winter to show the documentary film "Leaving Neverland," about the two who claimed Michael Jackson abused him, when they were boys. Jackson never told Michael specifically in his speech, but thanked his brothers, and he was shown on the screen with the rest of the family & # 39; and.

Jackson was introduced captured Janelle Monáe, whose black hat and black leather reminiscent of some of the latest stage of his hero looks. She said that Jackson was her phone screen saver for many years, as a reminder to stay focused and fearless as she walked to the art.

Nicks was the first induction into the night. It has to & # 39; is a member of the hall as Fleetwood Mac member, but only the first woman to join the 22 men – including all four Beatles members – have been honored twice with the rock hall for various stages of their car & # 39; EASURES.

Nix suggested that women plan to be successful, telling them their timidity in the first solo album at a time as a member of Fleetwood Mac and encouraging others to match her feat.

"I know that there is someone who will be able to do it," she said, promising to often talk about how she built her solo car & # 39; career. "What I'm doing, opening the door for other women."

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks after the induction of Rock Hall. (Photo by Charles Sykes / Invision / AP)

During his four-song set, she brought on stage capes she bought in 1983 to prove it "very poor" dead mother, that she was still in good shape and it is worth its $ 3000 price tag. Don Henley joined her to sing "Leather and Lace," while Harry Styles is filled at the end of Tom Patty «Stop Draggin & # 39; My Heart Around."

David Byrne inducted Radiohead, noting that he was glad the group called itself after one of his songs. He said that their album «Kid A» was the one that really caught him, and he was struck by Radiohead may be experimental in their music, and how they do business.

"They are creative and intelligent in both areas, it was kind of a rare combination for artists, not just now, but at any time," he said.

Only with the village drummer and guitarist Ed O & # 39; Braen on hand, Radiohead did not commit; It was the question of whether any of them will be displayed based on past ambivalence group in the hall. But both men praised the honor.

Village, Ed O & # 39; Braen, David Byrne

Inductees Ed O & # 39; Braen, business, and Philip Selway, center, with Radiohead, to take the trophy as the leading David Byrne is looking at. (Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

"It's such a beautifully surreal night for us," said O & # 39;. Braen "This is a great (Brann) deal, and he feels like it … I want others to be here, because they will feel it.".

Smith, the Cure has been a constant in the shifting group of staff, and he stood on the stage for Friday's induction of 11 former and current members. Despite the Goth look, the cure has a legacy of pop hits, and performed three of them in the Barclays, «I Will Always Love You», «Just Like Heaven" and "Boys Do not Cry."

Visibly nervous, Smith called his induction "very pleasant surprise" and sheepishly acknowledged the crowd screams.

"It was a fantastic thing, it really is," he said. "We love you, too."

His draftee, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, reminds mocking rock hall in recent years, because he could not believe that the treatment was not. When he got the call that the group was in, he said: "I've never been so happy to eat my words as I was that day."

Def Leppard has sold a ton of records, so when musicians used to do this with a heavy metal sound sheened pop perfection on songs like «Photograph» and «Pour Some Sugar on Me." They carried them into sets, completed the annual ceremony,

Singer Joe Elliott stressed the working class roots of the group, thanks to my parents, and remembering how his father gave him 150 pounds to make their first record in 1978.

Besides Elena accident, the group survived the death of guitarist Steve Clark, 1991. Elliott said he always seemed to be a settled sense of tragedy around the corner for the group, but "we would not allow it."

"If alcoholism, car accidents, and cancer can not kill us, 90 were not (wrestle) a chance," said Elliott, referring to his bandmates as closest to the brothers, who could only child.

Roxy Music, led by stylish Ferry, made a set of five songs, which included the hits "Love is the Drug", "more than" and «Avalon». (Brian Eno is not shown for the case).

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor of Duran Duran inducted them Taylor said that listening to Roxy Music concert at the age of 14, showed him what he wanted to do with my life.

"Without Roxy Music, there really would not have Duran Duran,» he said.

Tongued Ferry thanked all of the succession of bassists album cover designers. "We would like to thank everyone for this unexpected honor," he said.

Zombies, from rock 'n' roll of the original British Invasion, were veterans of the night. They did this despite the fact passed in the past, but they were polite in their thanksgiving rock hall. They performed hits "Time of the season», «Tell Her No» and "She's Not There."

Zombies lead singer Rod Argent said that the group had the right to the hall for 30 years, and the glory of them escaped.

"To finally passed the post at this time – fantastic!" – Source: AP

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