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John Isner on Roger Federer: "It is something Else» | championship


Roger Federer said before the Miami Open, presented by Itaú end on how to try to return the 2018 John Isner serve weight, how to play goalkeeper, was just trying to put the ball back in the game.

But it was left scrambling Isner on Sunday, in the fear of effort 37 years SWISS & # 39;. Federer broke the home favorite is four times en route to his fourth title in Miami.

"There were some players [to handle my serve well]It just makes it a little differently. He was only partially blocks it back. While Novak when he is locked inside, he only partially tear it back, do not block it too much, "said Isner, who dropped only two sets of short retaining his crown. "Roger was close as well, just reacts very well and very quickly to my serve. I mean, he was something else. "

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Isner was broken only four times in five matches in the ATP Masters 1000 tournament entering the final round. But Federer broke in the first game and three times in the first set. He never looked back from there.

"He does a lot of returns, blocking them. I had to go out, especially in that first game, and really trying to establish itself. I did not serve particularly great game, but he made me pay for it, "said Isner immediate break of Federer. "I knew he was going to play well today. I knew he was seeing the ball very high. Of course, it was. I was not up to the task in the first set, it really is. "

This became clear in the second set, Isner struggled with that left foot injury. But 6 & # 39; 10 "the right-hander gave Federer full credit for its implementation.

"Roger was too good. In the first five games, I was fine, "said Isner. "Nothing bothers me. He was on me. Then this strange pain in the upper part of my leg, we'll see what we have. I hope it's nothing, but we'll see. "

Last year, Isner became the oldest to the first Masters champion in 1000 when he won at Crandon Park. Although this year's event was held at the new location, Hard Rock Stadium, Isner played spectacular tennis to reach the final without dropping a set.

"It's a terrible feeling, because you are on an island there, and you have no teammates to hide behind and to go against the greatest player ever, playing this incredible atmosphere, and my leg is killing me," said Isner. "Not that I would have won the match, in any case, let's make it clear, but I think I could do for a more interesting game, and one that was a little more fun."

While Isner leaves disappointed Miami final, he was able to absorb the atmosphere inside the house NFL Miami Dolphins, where the packed crowd cheered both players around.

"I am very happy with it. I mean that the atmosphere there today … I can not tell you how wonderful it was, seeing the entire upper deck complete. I thought it was fantastic, "said Isner. "I think the players enjoy it. It is a lot of space. I think the fans enjoyed it as well. Just really amazing. I just wish that I could give them a little better game out there today. "

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