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McDonald's customers use plastic coffee lid on the background paper straw backlash


McDonald's customers use plastic coffee lid, to avoid new paper straws fast food chain.

Earlier this month, customers took to Twitter complain that paper straws companies destroy their drinks, in particular milkshakes.

Customers were so time & # 39; furiously that one has started a petition, which has now received more than 42,000 signatures calling on McDonald's to bring back their plastic straws.

Against the background of a negative reaction, some clients are now requesting plastic lids designed for hot drinks on cold drinks and their boasting about the "brilliant" ideas on Twitter.

One user commented on a photo of their holding a cold drink McDonald coated coffee cover: "HATE @McDonalds paper straw? Thank me later. "

Other published a similar image with the words: "My cousin got this back in February casual employees of the new McDonald's, and I think if you do not evaluate the paper straw. Do it? Loool [sic]".

"Much respect to @McDonalds for trying to reduce plastic waste and use paper straws," wrote one user.

"Evokes memories when your comrades used to dare you to & # 39; have a piece of paper.

"So when the next time I get drunk, I'll ask them to use a coffee cup lid for my drink."

However, others take social media to remind people why the swap was done.

"Fed up with hearing people moan because McDonald's has changed its straws on paper. It is about the first world problems, "wrote one Twitter user.

"I can not believe that people are really in a sling over Copping have paper straw McDonald is now ??? Get a multiple one, if it's something that is traumatic for you, "said another.

In June last year, the US fast food chain has announced it will stop using plastic straws in all 1361 branches across the UK, after nearly half a million people calling for the company to make changes.

The company began phasing out of plastic straws in September last year, when this process will be completed later this year, in an attempt to cut down on plastic pollution.

Despite the improvement of the environmental efforts of the company, the movement has been criticized, not praised, many customers who took offense with the structure and texture of new straws.

Last week, a plastic straw was offered on eBay for 1000, aimed at those perturbed paper alternative.

About & # 39 advert reads: «McDonalds plastic Straw SUPER RARE. Condition new.

McDonalds plastic Straw SUPER RARE on eBay (eBay)

"Brilliant uncirculated completely new thatched McDonald. It will soon become a legend. Imagine that you are about 50 years older than you are now, telling her grandson how you got were given plastic straws from McDonald's, and they will look at you like a god! "

New straw made from paper produced from certified sustainable sources, according to the company.

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In the light of the complaints, a representative of McDonald's says independent"Our suppliers have made us paper straws, which lasts at least 30 minutes in most, if not all of the liquid.

"They were introduced following feedback from customers, and we are pleased to do the right thing in removing plastic from our restaurants and is taking significant steps to reduce the impact on the environment."

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