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Mom Bradley Lowery shows her son £ 3million a legacy of love to other children


Proud cancer victim's mother Bradley Lowry today reveals its strange £ 3million legacy of love.

Charity established in the name of a football pitch & # 39; yatskimi young man after his death almost two years ago, has helped more than 30 terminally ill children.

Bradley won the heart of the nation – and England – with its insolent smile as he battled a rare aggressive neuroblastoma childhood river.

After his death at the age of six, mum Gemma, 35, to establish Lowry Bradley Foundation, which raised millions to help the tens of other poorly soluble children receive pioneering treatment and medical equipment.

Bradley won more than a thousand with his insolent smile

Gemma Lowry, 35, said charity work helped her to grief

In just 18 months, more than 30 have benefited from the legacy of Bradley – and a strange young girl with the same cancer as he went into remission in this month.

Gemma says the charity is helping her with her grief.

She told the Sunday People: «This helps me to see the other seven & # 39; and receive treatment, which could have been Bradley. I do not want to go through what I did.

"This is something that Bradley would have wanted. He would say that this is the right thing to do. I am proud of, and he would have been proud. That's why I do it – for children and for him.

Jermain Defoe was the mascot Bradley Lowry during a match of World Cup qualifying against Lithuania in 2017

Tomorrow Gemma Day makes an emotional return to the mother's Wembley Stadium to watch their favorite game Sunderland AFC her son in the final Checkatrade Trophy.

The last time she was on the ground, was Mother's Day two years ago, when the radiant Bradley led the England team, as a talisman in the World Cup qualifier with "best friend" and Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe.

Gemma runs a charity in the name of her son from the offices in his hometown Collier Blackhall, Co Durham, along with a dedicated team of employees.

Gemma says, helping others to seven & # 39; wells receive treatment was "that Bradley would like"

Something & # 39; I had to raise funds from the time of diagnosis Bradley at the age of 18 months. They hoped to take his pioneer treatment of antibody in the US and raised £ 1300000.

Unfortunately, he died before they could take him to the United States so that something & # 39; I decided to plow money into helping others. A total hit £ 3million.

Jam, and dad Charles Bradley, 35, was the loss of their grief. Jermain Defoe broke down during a press conference, saying Bradley "will always be in my heart."

But despite the pain, courage and inspiring stories have helped lift millions of Bradley.

He was all smiles when he met the England football manager Gareth Southgate

The Foundation supports seven & # 39; and in need of treatment or equipment is not covered by NHS.

Mercy also make plans for the £ 600,000 a respite holiday home in Scarborough, North York – a resort where Bradley enjoyed one of his last family holidays.

They also plan to launch a line of support for seven & # 39; ads children with cancer.

Mom proud heritage Gemma Bradley Lowry

Gemma, which is still in contact with Jermaine, 36, is currently in Glasgow Rangers, added: "He is gutted he can not be there to watch the game, but it does have a small question to play against Celtic."

Sunderland fans are chanting: "There's only one Bradley Lowry."

And the little boy whose life was brutally cut short and left a lasting legacy of the fateful for many others.

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